Adesuwa Etomi Fashion Styles You Will Love

Adesuwa Etomi is one of the newest stars of Nollywood: she scored her first film role in 2014 and has instantly managed to win the hearts of Nigerian fans. Since then Adesuwa went on to star in over a dozen hit films and become engaged to the famous rapper Banky W. On top of that, she is also a fantastic and sharp dresser. Check out the top 7 recent Adesuwa Etomi fashions!

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1. Maxi red dress

Adesuwa is a big fan of the native style in clothing, and even when she’s wearing a high-end garment from a renowned designer, she loves to add a native touch. In this case, the drop dead gorgeous red dress is beautifully accessorized with the traditional Nigerian coral beads.

2. White trouser suit

Adesuwa Etomi certainly knows how to make an impression on the red carpet! Normally, a white trouser suit would be on the verge of looking boring, but the actress did a few major upgrades to the outfit: the eye-catching train, the classic Hollywood glamour hairstyle, and the majestic diamond statement necklace.

3. Pink dress with Ankara

There are plenty of Adesuwa Etomi Ankara style looks to admire, but the most fashionable examples of the Ankara fashion in Adesuwa’s style is when she includes little yet effective Ankara fragments into designer dresses. This pink dress with a matching Ankara neckline is both trendy and authentic.

4. Black lace and taupe dress

Every once in a while we see much more adventurous Adesuwa Etomi fashion styles compared to her usual taste in clothing, and it’s truly a sight to behold. This elegant dress combines the biggest fashion trends of the last years: black lace, taupe color, and neon pumps with an exquisite snake skin print.

5. Yellow maxi dress

Another example of Adesuwa Etomi’s inimitable red carpet fashion is this fabulous yellow dress. The combination of lace material with plain yellow fabric and the spicy neckline are two very interesting touches, and the surprising high slit on the back adds to the striking appeal of the gown.

6. Red peplum dress

We’ve seen many red peplum dresses in some recent fashion photoshoots, but none of them can be compared to this sophisticated garment. Everything from the unusual neckline to the asymmetric peplum and from glamorous gold pumps to the chic bun hairstyle simply screams fashion at its finest.

7. Black and gold sparkle dress

A list showcasing the best looks of Adesuwa Etomi simply must end with a bang, and here it is. This sparkly black and gold dress would look captivating on just any Nollywood or international celebrity, but it was Adesuwa who gave this dress her unique treatment by wearing it with beautifully styled box braids and having a sharply dressed man by her side.

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