African Fashion Styles: New And Best Looks

Africa is one of the most diverse and fascinating places on the planet, which is why it’s not surprising that African fashion is known and loved all over the world. With lots of fabulous African styles and hundreds of emerging designers and brands, the African fashion scene is only getting more interesting.

Right now there are plenty of African dress styles 2017 to admire. There are casual dresses, elegant gowns for special occasions, and all kinds of styles for everyday wear. Check out the newest and best latest fashion styles Africa has produced!

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1. Short African dress styles

If you look at this year’s fashion magazines and blogs, you’ll see that many of the latest African fashion dresses are short ones, and it’s not surprising, since short dresses are cute, comfortable, flattering, and simply fun to wear.

The first short dress we’ll feature today already looks eye-catching on the front with its colorful geometric print, but the back is where the most interesting things happen. The plunging backline elevates the style of this dress from basic to high fashion.

The next one of our African print dresses is a style that would look great on every body type thanks to the universally flattering cut. The flared skirt is a very cute choice for a day dress, and the traditional African print will help you show off your heritage.

Next, we have a dress that combines the best of modern African dress styles. It masterfully pairs rich teal color with matching Ankara print to create an exquisite combination. The shiny jewelry and the unexpected choice of footwear couldn’t fit this look better.

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This colorful short dress rocks the best features of African designs. This gown is so fabulous that it could easily work as a bridesmaid’s dress at the most fashionable wedding, but you can also happily wear it to a fun night out with your friends.

Even celebrities are not immune to the charm of beautiful African dresses! Here Solange is rocking a short dress with a classic African print, but, as one of the biggest fashionistas in the world, she added a few accents and details that elevate the whole look even more.

2. Long African fashion styles

Long dresses haven’t lost an ounce of their popularity for decades, which is totally understandable, since no party, wedding, or other important events can be imagined without a selection of sophisticated long African dresses.

The first dress on our list instantly evokes a regal look thanks to its full skirt and electric blue color. This gown would not be as exciting if it wasn’t for the spicy side cutouts and the top bun hairstyle that makes the whole look like it came straight out of the fashion magazine spread.

A transformer dress is such a fresh idea, and the execution of this gown is even better! You can wear it as separates with a contrasting top or as a uniformed long gown fully made with a fabulous African print.

The most elegant dresses are usually the ones that combine two or more fabrics or textures, and the next dress on our list is exactly what we mean by that. Cool-toned satin and lace create a perfect combo, and the emerald green gele is what ties the whole look together.

Here is a dress that won’t let you go unnoticed even at the fanciest event! The open shoulder neckline and the full skirt look straight out of the runway, but we especially love the fabulous necklace and hat that look both authentic and trendy.

In the next look, you can’t help but appreciate how thoroughly every component of the outfit is matched to the rest of the look. The rich green and blue colors of the dress are highlighted by the matching accessories, and the makeup and hair make the whole look even cuter.

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