Fenty by Rihanna – The Latest Clothing Line You Need To Know About

Two days ago, Rihanna has further demonstrated her competence in the world of fashion. The famous pop singer has always been brave about her stylistic choices, setting lots of trends with her unforgettable looks. Now, she took it even further by developing her own collection and demonstrating it on the Rihanna Fenty Puma show. Was it a success and did Puma-Rihanna collaboration work out? Let’s take a closer look at the show and find out!

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Most people will agree that watching a fashion show can be really boring. That was definitely not the case for the Rihanna’s show. Not only did she introduce her newest clothing line, but she also mixed up motocross stunts and beautiful and colorful visuals into this introduction. Awe-inducing tricks and mountains of glittering pink sand has definitely made this show unforgettable.

One of the main themes of the singer’s show was diversity. This message only furthers and promotes her recent makeup line, Fenty Beauty. Fenty by Rihanna introduced products for 40 different skin tones, while the singer herself commented that she wanted to make cosmetics for women of any background, complexion, and culture. During the show, all the models definitely fit these standards – it was a perfect example of a diverse group of professionals.

Now let’s talk about the collection itself. Puma Fenty collection was obviously trying to be original and eye-catching, and it definitely fulfilled this task. Big part of the collection was inspired by the 80s trends, especially hot and daring swimsuits. The same trend is also clearly seen in other clothing of the line, like oversized nylon pants and surfer-inspired fashion, like shorts and scuba outfits. The use of a bright pink color is definitely a right choice for this kind of style and it deserves some attention.

And it wouldn’t be a collaboration with Puma without any accent on shoes. Footwear, used by the singer in this collection, is of great quality and it incredibly compliments all of the outfits. Sneakers are becoming more and more popular in the high fashion world, and, apparently, the pop star knows all about it. Among the classic high-heels and sandals, her collection is full of massive sports shoes. Rihanna’s shoes were also lit – slick sandals with surf-style accessories were a perfect choice for the evening.

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