Floyd Mayweather’s Stunning New Mansion In Beverly Hills

Floyd Mayweather is a retired professional boxer that has recently made one come back to his old career with a famous and widely promoted fight with Conor McGregor. Although this last fight was underwhelming and predictable (it was the first McGregor boxing match and he is much lighter than Floyd), both competitors have apparently earned lots of money thanks to it.

One of the proofs for this comes from the latest Mayweather news. Recently, the former athlete has purchased an awesome $26 million-dollar worth mansion in the most luxurious part of Los Angeles – Beverly Hills. Let’s take a look at Floyd Mayweather mansion.

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Floyd Mayweather net worth is around $500 million dollars, so he can definitely afford to buy such a house, especially considering how stunning and comfortable it is. It occupies 15,000 square feet (1394 square meters) without the surrounding territories. it includes such comfy facilities as 6 bedrooms, huge dining room and much more, including pool and pool house nearby.

Recently, the boxer used Instagram to show his fans the insides of his house. Let’s also hop on this tour and see what it feels like to be inside Floyd Mayweather house.

1. Sportscenter

One of the most impressive rooms of Floyd’s house is his huge home theater, which can easily seat up to 50 people. Sportscenter, as Mayweather calls it, also comes with a huge snack bar that is a dream for every sweet tooth.

2. Wine cellar

The boxer also showed off his wine cellar that is full of rows of bottles of this tasty drink. It also comes with long wine table, apparently so that the owner could arrange wine tastings for his friends.

3. Living room

Another thing the boxing legend was apparently proud to share were pictures of his living room, which genuinely looks comfy and stylish. Huge white marble fireplace adds a nice touch to the room, making it much more welcoming. And contrasting black marble coffee tables are the perfect choice for this room.

4. Trophies

And, of course, Floyd couldn’t show his trophy collection, which occupies an important place in his house. It is really impressive to see all these champion’s belts, and it is no wonder that Mayweather is so proud of them – he earned each and every one with his hard work, blood, and sweat.

Overall, a new addition to Floyd Mayweather house cribs seems really comfortable and it has everything anyone would need. It seems a bit less luxurious than his house in Las Vegas, yet it feels much more suitable for stress-free and healthy lifestyle.

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