Kate Middleton Style: Top 7 Style Moments Of 2017

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is one of the newest members of royal family and a beloved princess. The whole world was watching her fairytale royal wedding to William, the birth of her children, and her humanitarian efforts.

However, there is one more side to the princess that we all know and love, and that’s Kate Middleton style. For years Kate Middleton dresses have been the focus of the media and the inspiration for millions of english fashion styles. Check out Kate’s 10 best looks of 2017!

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1. Floral two-piece suit

If Kate Middleton style dresses can be summed up in two words, it’s definitely “feminine” and “elegant”, and nothing combines these two qualities better than a delicate floral pattern. This Erdem two-piece suit is a more daring choice than a dress, and that’s exactly what makes this whole look so fascinating.

2. Jeans + top

Even though the Duchess looks absolutely dreamy in dresses, Kate Middleton casual style is also a thing of beauty. Kate knows how to dress right for any occasion, but her number one choice for casual affairs is a combination of jeans and a top – in this case, a fun striped top. The white canvas sneakers keep the whole thing comfy and stylish, while the fabulous jewelry reminds us that we’re looking at a princess.

3. Bird print dress

It’s not often that Kate would wear a daring print, but when she does, it’s certainly a success. This daytime gown by Markus Lupfer was a big hit with fans who loved the garment for its whimsical bird print, dainty chain belt, and stylish nude suede sandals that bring the whole outfit together. We also can’t help but admire Kate’s beautiful and luscious locks.

4. Blue coat dress

Over the years the fans of the Duchess have noticed that one of the go-to Kate Middleton dresses brands are Catherine Walker & Co, so no one was surprised that for her Germany tour Kate chose a bespoke cornflower blue coat dress. She seems to be very fond of this style of dresses and has worn similar gowns several times before.

5. Red maxi dress

It’s no secret that most of Kate Middleton dress 2017 are prim and proper, but sometimes the Duchess goes for a more sexy gown. This is exactly what she did for the Queen’s birthday this year – when Kate arrived at the celebration, her Alexander McQueen red strapless maxi dress got everyone talking about her exquisite style.

6. Gucci tweed dress

From time to time Kate likes to remind the public that she’s an exceptionally sharp dresser and wears some high fashion garment instead of her usual gowns. This Gucci tweed dress is one of the most fashionable things she’s worn in years. Its black and red trim works very well with the fabric of the dress, and the red clutch is the most stylish choice of an accessory.

7. White lace dress

Kate Middleton is no stranger to the most popular dress fabric – the exquisite and delicate lace. She’s worn plenty of beautiful lace dresses over the years, but this stunning white lace gown Kate wore for the Royal Ascot 2017 is truly breathtaking. It’s a dress by Alexander McQueen, and we especially love the collar, the sleeves, and the matching fascinator.

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