Lil Kesh House And Cars

These days celebrities are so highly publicized and accessible on social media that we often have the same question: can you truly be considered someone’s fan if you don’t know anything about their private life?

One of the most fascinating things about celebrities is their income and how they choose to spend it. Lil Kesh, one of the youngest figures in the Nigerian music scene, has quickly gained a huge fan following, and right now you can find out everything about Lil Kesh house and cars!

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1. Lil Kesh net worth 2017

Even though Lil Kesh hasn’t started his music career until 2012, it didn’t take him too long to become one of the highest earning Nigerian music stars. If you’ve ever looked at the rapper’s various displays of wealth and wondered: “how much is Lil Kesh worth?”, you are not alone!

The net worth of Lil Kesh has grown consistently since his debut, and by 2017 it reached the mark of $1 million. Of course, it’s not as big as what some other Nigerian rappers have acquired, but Lil Kesh is still young and has plenty of time to catch up.

2. Lil Kesh house

Owning a house has been Lil Kesh’s dream ever since he emerged onto the music scene, and as soon as he had enough money in his bank account, he made his dream come true. There are rumors that the Lil Kesh house in Lekki was offered to him as an incentive for signing to a certain record label, but the rapper insists that his Lil Kesh home was paid for by himself.

Even though Lil Kesh has an Instagram account and loves sharing glimpses of his life to his many fans, he hasn’t shown his house in full yet. All we can see is occasional photos of the rooms, but it’s safe to say that the house is very tastefully decorated and comfy to live in.

3. Lil Kesh car

Like any other modern rapper, Lil Kesh could never function without his own vehicle, and his choice of a car is not really surprising. The Lil Kesh new car is the latest black Range Rover. The artist also owns a black Mercedes Benz sedan.

Recently Lil Kesh presented his mother with a car of her own – it’s also a black luxury sedan that is the perfect fit for the rapper’s lifestyle. For more of Lil Kesh latest news make sure to regularly visit our blog!

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