MBGN 2017: All Winners And Most Lovely Moments!

The MBGN 2017 has definitely been the event of the year and now we have the name of the winner!

This has been the 30th pageant in the history of Nigeria. It was held at Eko Hotel on September 15 and, as a result of the great event, the 22 year old Ugochi Ihezue representing Kebbi State won the crown and was proclaimed the most beautiful girl in Nigeria. A lot of other Nigerian beauties took awards in a number of other nominations!

Let’s see everything in detail – all about this exciting night and other winners! Always stay in trend with Jiji – it’s much easier and faster with us!

1. Miss Nigeria 2017 winner

The audience of this fabulous show was delighted to watch the incredibly different but equally gorgeous 36 participants in various types of attire including their amazing evening gowns.

So what do we know about the most beautiful girl?

  • She was born on the 16th of August;
  • She works as a Beth Model;
  • She is a painter and she showed her creations at the talent show;
  • She looks fantastic without any makeup at all;
  • She is a poetry-lover and often shares beautiful poems with her friends on her Instagram page.


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2. The most beautiful woman in Nigeria 2017: other title-holders

2.1. The title of Miss Amity was given to Miss Yobe, Ndali Eno

2.2. The title of Miss Photogenic/Congeniality was given to Miss Anambra, Maristella Okpala

2.3. The title of Model of the Year – to Miss Kebbi, Ugochi Ihezue

2.4. The title of Best Costume – to Miss Sokoto, Stephanie Agbasi

2.5. The title of Best Evening Wear – to Miss Bayelsa, Rebecca N Hampson

2.6. The title of MBGN Ecowas – to Miss Oyo, Emmanuella Yaboh

2.7. The title of MBGN Tourism – to Miss Plateau, Winfrey Okolo

2.8. The title of MBGN Universe – to Miss Sokoto, Stephanie Agbasi



3. Miss Nigeria 2017: 5 things we really loved about the event

3.1. IK!

IK has been unanimously considered to be the best compere in Africa. His jokes managed to fill in all the awkward pauses and made the atmosphere light and natural. Big thumbs up to IK!

3.2. The gowns

The fashionable dresses that the contestants were wearing were simply beyond words! The girls looked really gorgeous and refined. Everybody was mesmerized by their divine beauty!

3.3. Baddo’s performance

Olamide’s performance was certainly one of the coolest moments of the evening. Baddo Sneh was performing all of his greatest hits and he managed to warm up the apathetic audience that at first didn’t feel like jamming.

3.4. The Top Five’s Answers

The top five girls were asked some thought-provoking questions and they gave perfectly appropriate answers proving the judges that all of them deserved the crown. The girls were praised by long applause from the audience.

3.5. Miss Bayelsa’s Gown

Miss Bayelsa won the award for Best Evening Wear and surely deserved it! Her huge gown made out of pipes looked really stunning on her and it will definitely enter the history as the most iconic dress in MBGN history.

4. MBGN 2017: amazing dresses

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