Patoranking House: Where Does The Singer Live?

Finding out what your favorite celebrities own is always a thrilling experience: we all know famous Nigerian actors and singers make a lot of money, but the way they use their money is always interesting to see.

Patoranking belongs to the top level of Nigerian musicians with plenty of accomplishments under his belt. Naturally, like most other renowned artists, he enjoys being wealthy – most importantly, owning great property. Check out Patoranking house and cars right now!

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1. Who is Patoranking?

As you already know, the Nigerian music scene is incredibly diverse and there are artists working in every genre imaginable. Patoranking chose dancehall as his music passion, and he certainly made the right choice, since dancehall music is one of the hottest genres of 2017.

Patoranking started his music career at the young age of 19, and since then he managed to record a bestselling album, release over a dozen successful singles, and score a number of hit collaborations with other iconic Nigerian artists. But about his possession?

2. Patoranking house

A few years ago Patoranking’s fans finally got the ability to see the singer’s crib. The musician’s house is located in the prestigious Metro Garden in Lekki. Patoranking considered moving into a detached house but later made the decision in favor of a townhouse.

The whole house is very tastefully decorated and you won’t see the regular signs of a famous musician’s property like bear rugs, gold, and marble. It’s very likely that the Patoranking mansion was decorated by a professional interior designer.

The interior is carried out in primarily natural, earthly tones with an occasional splash of orange and other bright shades. Inside the mansion, there is a spacious living room, a kitchen with a dining hall, a bedroom, and, of course, a recording studio – a true must-have for a musician like Patoranking.

3. Patoranking cars

The Patoranking house is not the only thing the dancehall superstar can be proud of since he also owns a dream car of millions of Nigerians. Currently, the musician drives a 2014 Range Rover SUV, which is a fantastic choice of a car: it’s fast, it’s good-looking, and it’s incredibly safe. Patoranking seems to be very happy with his vehicle and likes to often show it off for the fans to see.

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