Skinny Girl In Transit Styles You’ll Want To Try

Skinny Girl In Transit is one of the hottest new shows of the last few years. Everyone you know is probably watching it, and those who don’t are likely going to start watching the show soon. There are many reasons to love the show, and the Skinny Girl In Transit styling is one of the biggest ones. Check out the best looks from the show and how to recreate them!

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1. Floral top + skirt

One of the most memorable looks from the promo materials of the show has been this cute floral number. This look is incredibly versatile, as the top and the skirt can be worn separately, but together they form a truly magical combo!

Recreate this look with Jiji: floral top, floral skirt, adorable gold earrings, and some classic heels to finish the outfit. If you love a bolder pattern, you can choose some trendy Ankara styles for skinny ladies instead of florals. Check out Ankara dresses, Ankara skirts, and Ankara tops on Jiji.

2. Short black dress

The stars of Skinny Girl In Transit not only dress fabulously on set but also enjoy fashionable outfits in real life! Fans unanimously loved this recent look from Abimbola Craig, the lead actress of the show, for its high fashion feel and exceptional comfort.

Recreate this look with Jiji: designer black dress, comfy black sneakers, a small leather handbag, and a delicate silver necklace.

3. Red wraparound dress

Skinny Girl In Transit fashion is mostly known for its cute casual and special occasion styles, but there are also times when the looks on the show are truly spicy. This wraparound red dress is made 100x sexier with the addition of the black fringe sandals.

Recreate this look with Jiji: fabulous red dress, basic black top, high-quality black sandals, and, to bring the whole look to the next level of fashion, a pair of fabulous vintage earrings.

4. Red blouse + jeans

What could be more universally liked by ladies as the pairing of jeans with a blouse, especially when it’s a gorgeous red chiffon blouse? This outfit would work in any setting, and it’s not surprising that it’s one of the most beloved looks from the show.

Recreate this look with Jiji: red chiffon blouse, skinny blue jeans, a pair of comfy leather flats, and a stainless steel watch that serves as the metallic accent of the outfit.

5. Striped jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is one of the most challenging things to wear for a lady, but the lead actress of Skinny Girl In Transit clearly aced this challenge, as this look is the perfect combination of high fashion and comfort.

Recreate this look with Jiji: striped jumpsuit, gold high heels for an extra touch of chic, and some classy gold jewelry to make the whole outfit complete.

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