Wizkid New House – Celebrity’s Luxurious Real Estate

Wizkid is one of the richest people in Nigeria. This singer and songwriter have started his career at an incredible age of 11, and since then he has been rising to the top. Since his start, Wizkid has made three studio albums, hundreds of concerts, dozens of endorsement deals, and with all this hard work he was able to amass a fortune of around $12,000,000.

Of course, the rapper has used some of this money. He has a couple of really expensive cars, but one of his latest purchases was that of a house. Wizkid’s new house is a huge mansion in Los Angeles. Here is what you’ll see if you search “Show me Wizkid house”.

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Of course, before buying himself a new mansion, the singer had a couple of real estates in Nigeria. One of them is a house in his hometown. Apparently, it is not the home he grew up in, it’s a Wizkid new house in Lekki. According to some reports, its worth is estimated to be around ₦13,000,000. Unfortunately, paparazzi weren’t able to snap a pic of Wizkid around his house there. If you want to be the celebrities neighbor, but you don’t want to spend so much money, there are some cheaper houses for sale in Lekki.

There are also rumors about another Wizkid house. It has been speculated that the rapper has an estate on the Banana island. Banana island is a man-made piece of land near Lagos. It is also a place of the most expensive houses. Some of the Nigeria most famous people are living there, so it is not completely unbelievable to assume that there also is a Wizkid mansion. But there is no solid evidence of a Wizkid house on Banana Island. If you have enough money, you can buy a house on Banana Island too and prove or disprove this rumor.

Now, let’s take a look at the newest rapper’s house in Los Angeles. This city is pretty expensive to live in, and real estate there is probably not very cheap either. Which is probably why the celebrity being so proud of his purchase. There are lots of photos of Wizkid at home there. The singer is very secretive about the real price of the place, but some people estimate its price at around $15,000,000. Buying such a house is a smart move, as this way the singer is able to save his money from all the economic chaos and uncertainties of the market.

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