YouTube Go Launches In Nigeria To Help You Save Data

The July 2017 Google For Nigeria event brought a lot of exciting announcements – for example, the new Google phone that will be exclusive to the Nigerian market. Another important update was the launch of YouTube Go, an offline alternative to YouTube.

Many users are currently wondering whether they need a new YouTube app if they’re already using the old one. Find out everything you need about the latest YouTube creation right now!

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1. What is YouTube Go?

It’s no secret to any Nigerian that mobile data costs quite a lot in this country. YouTube Go, which is a product of months of work from Google, is one of the first apps designed to help Nigerian mobile users solve this problem.

With the new app, you will be able to download selected YouTube video directly to your smartphone and view them whenever you want. You can choose from two video formats, 3gp and 360p, as well as preview every video prior to downloading to ensure that you won’t spend your precious data on the wrong video.

Another thing you will be able to access before the download is the size of the video, so you can always make an informed decision. All of the downloaded videos can be watched in offline mode without any restrictions as long as you connect to the internet at least once a month.

2. Are there any drawbacks?

Like most good things, YouTube Go comes with its own drawbacks, although they likely won’t affect your enjoyment from using the app.

Upon switching from YouTube to YouTube Go, you will lose access to several features, including reading and sharing comments, subscribing to video channels, and interacting with other YouTube users. However, there is a good chance you will survive without this kind of functionality, especially given that you can still access videos from the channels you’ve already subscribed to.

One more big concern linked to the launch of YouTube Go is that content creators may lose a large part of their views due to the videos being watched and shared offline. Nevertheless, once you connect to the internet, your views will count towards the overall view count of the video, giving the video creator the necessary validation.

All in all, it’s safe to say that the launch of YouTube Go is fantastic news for Nigerians and you should try this app as soon as possible if you want to save data while still enjoying your favorite videos.

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