Carbohydrates Food You Need To Stay Energetic

Recently, people have started to blame foods high in carbohydrates for their fat gaining problems and, of course, hating them. However, not all foods rich in carbohydrates are bad for you, in fact, carbohydrates are essential for your organism. So, what are carbohydrates and which Nigerian foods that contain carbohydrates are the best for you? Let’s find that out.

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1. What are carbohydrates

Carbohydrates definition is that they are complex substances that are an important source of energy for our body. There are a couple of different types of carbohydrates, like simple ones or sugars, which include sucrose and fructose, and complex ones. And while sugars are indeed a risk for your diet (unless you want to learn how to gain weight with Nigerian food), the complex carbohydrates food will not only be harmless but also will greatly improve your diet. So, here is a list of carbohydrate foods in Nigeria.

2. Carbohydrates food in Nigeria

2.1. Fufu

There are many different types of fufu, and most of them are close to the top of the carbohydrates food list. Most of the traditional recipes include such ingredients as nuts, yams, cassava or plantain, which are all the examples of carbohydrates food. Moreover, most of them are starchy, so they are really great for a balanced diet.

2.2. Garri

Another popular Nigerian dish, garri is made from cassava tubers. This plant occupies the third place on the sources of carbohydrates list, which is why this dish is so nutritional and tasty. You can also add some nuts or milk to make this dish even more packed with tasty energy.

2.3. Rice

Although rice does not originate in Nigeria, it is still a very popular element of a lot of Nigerian dishes. And it’s no wonder, as its taste blends great with anything you add to it and, furthermore, it is one of the best examples of carbohydrates food.

2.4. Sorghum

Another type of grain, sorghum is really easy to prepare and pair with anything you like. Often referred to as Guinea corn, this food ingredient is full of carbohydrates and, subsequently, calories you will need for a hard workout or a long day of work.

3. Nigerian food low in carbohydrate

However, if you feel that you need to cut some of the carbohydrates from your diet – there is a way for you to do so too. There are lots of traditional Nigerian food low in carbohydrate and instead full of proteins. Here is a list of Nigerian food you won’t get carbohydrates from:

  • Moi Moi;
  • Pepper soup with chicken;
  • Lamb Suya;
  • Stews;
  • Millet.

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