Cars And Their Prices In Nigeria

Since their invention in the early 20th century, cars are becoming more and more popular all over the world, conquering the streets of our cities and connecting them with highways. In our modern world, they are a very important tool we can’t imagine our life without.

Nigeria has one of the largest and one of the fastest growing car market in Africa. Both luxurious and cheap cars in Nigeria are really popular. But what is the price of cars in Nigeria and where to buy cars in Nigeria? Let’s take a closer look on the matter and find it out.

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1. Toyota

Toyota is the most popular car brand in Nigeria and one of the most sold cars in the world, which is why the Toyota Nigeria price list 2016 was so extensive. This Japanese brand offers a lot of different models, so here are cars and their prices in Nigeria for some of them:

1.1. Toyota Venza

Toyota Venza is one of the newest Toyota SUVs. There are two different versions of this car you can get in Nigeria:

  • Toyota Venza 2010 price in Nigeria is around ₦20 million for a new vehicle, ₦6 million for a Tokunbo one, ₦4 million for a used one;
  • Toyota Venza price in Nigeria for a 2013 version is around ₦25 million for a new car, ₦9 million for a Tokunbo vehicle, ₦6 million for a used one.

1.2. Toyota Camry

Camry is the second most sold Toyota car in the world. This compact and sleek vehicle is a great choice for everyday use. Prices of cars in Nigeria for this model’s variations are:

  • Toyota Camry 2006 costs about ₦25 million for a new one, ₦2.2 million for a Tokunbo, ₦1.2 million for a used car;
  • Price of Toyota Camry in Nigeria (2011 version) is ₦30 million for a new car, 5.1 million for a Tokunbo and ₦2 million for a used vehicle.

1.3. Toyota Corolla

Corolla is Toyota’s most sold car in the world, and it is no wonder – this semi-compact car looks and functions great both in the city and beyond its bounds. Price of Toyota Corolla in Nigeria is relatively affordable, but it is really different for cars, manufactured in different points in time:

  • Toyota Corolla 2003 price in Nigeria is ₦1.75 million;
  • Toyota Corolla 2004 price in Nigeria is ₦1.9 million;
  • Toyota Corolla 2014 price in Nigeria is ₦6.2 million;
  • Toyota Corolla 2015 price in Nigeria is ₦8 million.

1.4. Toyota Highlander

Highlander is one of the best Toyota SUVs, and it is the best car for Nigerian roads. Its price is:

  • Toyota Highlander 2005 version – ₦4 million for Tokunbo car, ₦2 million for a used one;
  • Toyota Highlander 2008 price in Nigeria is around ₦22 million for a new car, ₦6 million for a Tokunbo, ₦4 million for a used car.

2. Volkswagen

Volkswagen is a company that makes cars for people, and Golf 4 is a great example of this policy. You can find these cars for sale in Nigeria with prices of around ₦2 million for Tokunbo and ₦500,000 for a used one. Golf 4 price in Nigeria is great and reasonable for such a vehicle. You can find it even cheaper if you search for Golf 4 on Jiji.

3. Hyundai

Hyundai cars are one of the most modern and technological vehicles out there. If you want to try one, here are prices of brand new Hyundai cars in Nigeria:

  • Hyundai Accent – ₦7 million;
  • Hyundai Sonata – ₦11 million;
  • Hyundai Elantra – ₦8 million.

4. Lexus

Lexus is one of the most famous luxury car brands. Its cars are made with the best materials and almost guaranteed to serve for a long time. RX 350 is one of the most popular Lexus models in Nigeria. Lexus RX 350 price in Nigeria is around ₦21 million for a new one. The price of used cars in Nigeria is around ₦5 million.

5. Range Rover

Range Rover is a high-class SUV, suitable for businessman and billionaires. But you can get one too, as Range Rover price in Nigeria is around ₦80 million for a new car and around ₦7 million for a used one

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