Chika Ike Fashion Styles You’ll Want To Try

Even though she’s only 31 years old, Chika Ike has managed to accomplish quite a lot. A former successful model, she has also tried her hand in acting, producing, charity, and is now the owner of a prosperous business.

Moreover, Chika Ike is one of the best dressed Nollywood celebrities, and fans love to follow the Chika Ike fashion style. Check out the Chika Ike latest fashion and get some ideas for your new look!

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1. Chika Ike Ankara styles

It wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that a major part of Chika Ike fashion is the Ankara print, which the actress can’t seem to get enough of.

If you’re looking for the best possible example of a prim and proper Ankara dress, check out this stylish piece! The adorable print is balanced out by the snow-white collar and cuffs.

Chika Ike is also not a stranger to the traditional and even men’s wardrobe-inspired Ankara style. This Agbada outfit from the Ankara fabric, complete with an authentic hat, surely sends the right message.

Chika Ike knows very well that separate Ankara pieces often work as good as full Ankara suits. It’s a very smart idea – this Ankara blouse can be worn with dozens of various bottoms!

2. Chika Ike dresses

Chika Ike is often a guest at red carpet events, fashion shows, and other occasions where her outfit should stand out, and it’s safe to say that her fashion choices never disappoint at these events.

There have been plenty of Chika Ike lace styles, but one of the latest ones caught our attention thanks to the delicate pink color and the perfect fit of the dress.

Chika Ike certainly knows how to rock mermaid chic! The guests of this red carpet couldn’t take their eyes off Chika’s dazzling green satin dress, accessorized with a cute platinum-colored clutch.

The baby pink color is one of the riskiest ones in fashion because you can sometimes end up looking like cotton candy, but Chika made the clever decision to decorate her baby pink gown with metallic accents and keep the whole thing even more stylish.

It seems like no celebrity this year stayed immune to the black sheer dress trend, and Chika Ike wasn’t an exception either. Her rendition of the trend is a stunning sheer black maxi gown with beautiful black sandals.

The glorious champagne dress that Chika Ike wore to one of the recent award shows is, perhaps, the most charming embodiment of the fairytale princes’s dress trend that can be seen all over the red carpets this year.

3. Chika Ike casual styles

While Chika Ike often goes for dresses and skirts for official outings, her favorite thing to wear in everyday life seems to be all kinds of trousers, jeans, and jumpsuits.

The first one of Chika’s casual looks is probably what you imagine when thinking about a classy trouser suit. The outfit is made even better by the intricate embroidery in the front and fun puff sleeves.

Chika Ike is a big fan of the office-friendly style in clothing, so if you need inspiration for your new office look, check out these beige straight-leg trousers with an adorable floral top.

You could probably never imagine a simple denim jumpsuit looking so chic, but Chika Ike effortlessly elevated the look by pairing it with a designer handbag and fierce spiked white pumps.

We all know church fashion can’t be too flashy, but it doesn’t have to be boring either. Just look at Chika Ike’s glamorous church outfit that would look equally impressive on the runway as it does on the way to the Sunday service.

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