Cornrow Hairstyles: Best Of 2017

Cornrow braids have been known in Africa for centuries and they’re only getting more popular. Cornrow styles 2016 are rather easy to get and style; plus, they ensure top-notch protection for your hair.

There are hundreds of female cornrow styles, but how to choose the one that will match your appearance, type of cornrows, and give you the best look? Check out the most beautiful cornrow hairstyles 2017 right now!

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1. What are cornrow styles?

The many different types of cornrows are based on the same principle of braiding the hair very close to the scalp, creating raised rows of various width, length, and shape. Often natural cornrow hairstyles are done in straight lines, but artistic braiding with intricate cornrow shapes is also very popular. Here are some pictures of female cornrow styles according to the latest trends.

2. Straight Nigerian cornrow hairstyles

Straight cornrows are usually the first cornrow hairstyle anyone wears. For this style, braids are done similarly to French braids and can go either from the forehead to the back or from the central part to the sides.

To spice up a straight cornrow look, you can get braids of various thickness – for example, the combination of big and small cornrows is one of the hottest ones this year. Check out the best examples of straight cornrows.

3. Artistic African cornrows designs

If you’ve already tried every straight braid hairstyle imaginable and are ready for a braid upgrade, you’re definitely going to like geometric braids and other types of artistic cornrows. Cornrow stylists have virtually no limits when it comes to designing artistic braids – there are so many different shapes, colors and styles to choose from that you can always find a totally new look for your cornrows.

4. Big cornrows braids hairstyles

If you prefer jumbo cornrow styles over thin and straight cornrows, you are not alone – every year big cornrows hairstyles are getting more and more popular with ladies. You can get big cornrows to the back or to the sides, make your braids the same width or play with shapes, and add colorful highlights.

Thick cornrows hairstyles are very similar to Ghana braids and can be the welcome change you need if you’re no longer fully satisfied with the way your cornrows look. Here are some of the most stunning big cornrow braids for your inspiration.

5. How to care for your cornrows

In order to always look their best and ensure the necessary protection for your hair, cornrows require some easy maintenance. Otherwise, the hair can become too brittle up to the point of falling out after you take off the braids, and your scalp can become dry and irritated.

The most important tip for cornrow maintenance is that it’s essential to keep them clean. Wash your hair once a week or once every two weeks if it’s not prone to excess oil production. Moisturize the hair roots and scalp with simple water from a spraying bottle. Finally, don’t use too many oil or silicone-based hair products, since they tend to build up on the scalp and make hair roots even more fragile.

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