DJ Cuppy Fashion Styles You Will Love

As the daughter of one of Nigeria’s wealthiest people, Femi Otedola, DJ Cuppy is used to being in the spotlight. We love to follow her brilliant music career and her blooming social life. However, there is one more thing to admire about DJ Cuppy’s image, and that’s her impeccable fashion sense, particularly DJ Cuppy lace styles.

Over the years DJ Cuppy style has evolved and turned into a source of inspiration for millions of Nigerian fashionistas. Check out the best fashion styles worn by DJ Cuppy right now!

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1. DJ Cuppy Ankara styles

Like any young Nigerian fashion fan, DJ Cuppy can’t imagine her life without the fabulous Ankara print. She wears it for all kinds of events and includes Ankara into all possible styles.

While posing for a picture with her father, DJ Cuppy wore one of the most striking Ankara garments in recent history. This Ankara jacket looks even better when paired with a plain pink dress, which allows the Ankara colours and patterns to truly stand out.

As one of the youngest stars of Nigerian fashion, DJ Cuppy is no strangers to short dresses. That is why she looks so natural in this cute bodycon Ankara gown. As with other DJ Cuppy Ankara dresses, this look benefits from a cute hairstyle and trendy heels.

When the occasion calls for a sophisticated Ankara garment, DJ Cuppy surely knows how not to disappoint. For her recent promo photoshoot the musician chose a complex Ankara outfit in a native style, accessorized with elegant jewelry, and the whole look made quite an impression.

It seems like every Ankara fan has worn this particular pattern this year, and DJ Cuppy clearly was a trendsetter. The combination of contrasting yet complementary Ankara shades, as well as the puffy sleeves, makes this outfit an inspiration for any Nigerian fashionista.

2. DJ Cuppy high fashion styles

DJ Cuppy is a frequent guest of various events, and her red carpet fashion never fails to exceed everyone’s expectations.

DJ Cuppy is known for successfully combining all kinds of fabrics, and the next outfit clearly proves it. Ankara and lace are one of the most popular pairings in Nigerian fashion, and DJ Cuppy was very smart to use it.

Next we have one of the most playful things DJ Cuppy has ever worn. This gown combines Ankara with black tulle, and the whole outfit just screams youthful fashion, which is exactly what the musician was going for – after all, she’s just 24!

DJ Cuppy pays special attention to her performance outfits, especially when she has gigs overseas. For her recent London show, Florence Otedola wore a gorgeous faux fur jacket, which is exactly the kind of thing you expect a trendy DJ to wear.

3. DJ Cuppy casual styles

DJ Cuppy never takes fashion lightly, which is why even the most casual of her outfits are still very stylish and thought-through.

A combination of light wash blue jeans and white blouse could be too plain, but not with DJ Cuppy’s killer accessories – namely, an iconic Chanel bag and ultra-fashionable silver booties.

We all knew DJ Cuppy wasn’t afraid of daring fashion choices, and this green striped trouser suit serves as the best possible proof. Not many fashionstas would dare to wear this garment, but Florence looks simply impeccable in it!

DJ Cuppy certainly knows how to elevate a plain black outfit! The most striking element of the whole look is, of course, the mesmerizing baroque jacket, but the red knee-high boots also can’t help but draw everyone’s attention.

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