Essential And Affordable Fashion Items That Give You An Expensive Look

One of the biggest style trends of the last few years is that fashion no longer has to be super expensive – in fact, more and more style bloggers and celebrities are bragging about their budget finds.

Nevertheless, you obviously don’t want to look cheap, and in that case you should feel lucky, because looking rich has never been cheaper! Check out the best tips on how to look expensive 2017!

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1. How to look good in clothes you have

First let’s cover the items you already have in your closet – there is no need to throw them up as they can be successfully worn for years! The most important advice on how to look expensive on a budget with the clothes you have is never wearing clothes with visible signs of wear. Stains, loose threads, missing buttons and ripped seams should be taken care of immediately, and if you can’t solve the problem, better get rid of the item, since other people will definitely notice the defect.

Another tip on how to look expensive without being rich is tailoring your clothes. Even the most expensive piece won’t look chic if it doesn’t fit you perfectly. On the other hand, you can get a cheap item of clothing look flawless if you take it to a professional tailor or do the fitting by yourself.

Finally, if you want to know how to dress fashionably using the wardrobe you already have, take small steps and upgrade your clothes. For example, you can replace the standard buttons on your jackets and blouses with more expensive and trendy ones – it won’t cost a lot, but it will have a drastic effect on your image.

2. How to look rich while buying cheap clothes

The first thing to pay attention to while shopping for affordable clothes is the fabric. Cheap fabrics like linen and cotton have the ability to always look expensive, while acrylic and polyester clothes often costs more, and yet doesn’t make the same positive impression.

We all know that a typical woman’s wardrobe consists of basic and statement pieces, and that is another way you can look expensive for less. Spend big money only on timeless statement pieces like suits, handbags, and jewelry, while keeping the basic items like shirts, jeans, and everyday shoes as affordable as possible.

One of the best how to look expensive tips you’ll ever get is avoiding prints and ultra-trendy detailing while shopping for cheap clothes. The only prints worth investing in are Ankara and leopard – the rest can fall out of fashion next year and you’ll go back to leaking far less polished than you want.

3. Essential pieces that only look expensive

Here is a quick list of clothes that look expensive but aren’t for you to use on your next clothing shopping spree:

  • A plain white shirt
  • Dark wash straight jeans
  • Tweed jacket or suit
  • Suede or faux suede shoes and handbags
  • Delicate, timeless jewelry

4. How to look beautiful in your cheap clothes

Finally, here are some tips on how to elevate you affordable items and how to combine clothes for the most stunning effect.

  1. Matching shoes with the bag is no longer a must, but it can significantly improve your look, especially when you want to look as expensive as possible.
  2. Care for your clothes. It may seem obvious, but ironing or steaming your clothes and avoiding washing them too much can make even cheap items look much better.
  3. Use layering as a tip for upgrading your look. Adding a tank top under a shirt and throwing a jacket over it will make you appear far more stylish.
  4. When in doubt, go monochrome. Wearing an all-black, white, grey, red, beige, navy, or emerald green outfit will definitely look expensive and fashionable.
  5. Don’t underestimate the power of makeup. A gorgeous hairstyle, classy makeup, and beautiful nails make a world of difference when it comes to looking polished and chic.

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