Fashion For Church: Top 10 Ideas

As a lady, you probably carefully choose every outfit you wear to work, date, or running errands, and fashion for church requires even more attention. Dress styles for the church should be not only fashionable but also decent and demure.

Check out some of the best church outfit ideas to try in 2017, and if you’re wondering where to buy church clothes online in Nigeria, go to Jiji and find your ideal outfit right now!

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1. Monochrome outfit

Church fashion doesn’t have to be obsolete! If you’re looking for cute outfits to wear to church, why not try this lovely monochrome pairing? The high-low cut on the skirt and the adorable shade of pink make this combination one of the best examples of fashion for church 2016. Pair it with amazing jewelry for an even better look!

2. Ankara shift dress

Ankara is one of the greatest additions to fashion for church in Nigeria, and when the church outfit you wear is not only good-looking but also comfortable, you’re going to love it even more! This vibrant Ankara shift dress works perfectly as part of the church outfits, but it would also look fantastic anywhere!

3. Black tutu skirt

Want to know how to dress for church to make a lasting impression on every churchgoer? Then get a black tutu skirt and pair it with the most unexpected top possible – for example, a sports jersey! That’s how you choose memorable fashion for church 2017.

4. Yellow sundress

Are you feeling tired of prim and proper church ladies and gentlemen fashion? If you want to make a change in your church style, start by wearing this charming yellow sundress, which will make you look like the ray of sunshine in any setting!

5. Off-shoulder gown

If the occasion calls for fashion dresses for church instead of a more casual outfit, your best solution can be a brocade dress. Its exquisite pattern and expensive fabric elevate the whole outfit, and the off-shoulder cut makes it 100x more interesting.

6. Ankara trouser suit

If you thought that the only appropriate type of Ankara church outfit is a dress, here is an outfit that will make you change your mind. This trouser suit in a striking purple color palette accentuates your curves while also being perfectly demure for a Sunday visit to church.

7. Metallic pleated skirt

Are you looking for a modern twist on traditional church gowns? Then this pleated metallic skirt can be exactly what you wanted! This is such a universal color and cut that it would work perfectly with nearly any top, and pairing it with a red polo neck shirt creates an ultra-trendy contrast effect.

8. Black church suit

Of course, no matter how modern church fashion can get, the women church suits are not going anywhere. This sleek black suit is best saved for a special occasion rather than a regular visit to church. And let us say that it’s one of the most stunning church hats we’ve ever seen!

9. Polka dot dress

For a more vintage take on church dresses for ladies, try a polka dot dress that looks straight out of the 1950s fashion photoshoot! Keep in mind that a dress like this will also require matching shoes and jewelry, as well as a vintage-inspired hairstyle to make the whole look complete.

10. Nude-colored bodycon dress

If you’re on a search for a church outfit that looks both high-fashion and extremely appropriate for church, make this nude bodycon dress one of your top choices. The gown itself is gorgeous enough, but what truly makes this outfit is all the detailing: the pleated sleeves, the jewelry, and the fabulous shoes.

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