How To Sell On Jiji

In all times, people are looking for some stability. Although the world is rapidly changing nowadays, it also provides more opportunities for people with different lifestyles and goals. Thus, a lot of choices to rely, first of all, on their talents and skills and start own businesses.

Modern consumerist society is always hungry for new products and services. And by “new” we mean everything they do not have yet: some hunt for a new iPhone, the others for vintage furniture and so on. 

Make money online, sell on



  1. Decide what you can offer. You may be good at writing or translation, communication, and client-oriented services or simply have stuff for sale. There is no one single right way, and yours may be unique.
  2. Start a store. With a proper website, it will take just a minute of your time.
  3. Sell products online. Whether we are talking about goods or services, we speak of selling them to others.Create attractive offers and make future clients interested.
  4. Start making money. It may take time, but with every sold item you will become more experienced, confident, and richer.
  5. Develop. Occupy your niche and grow your business till it becomes highly competitive.
  6. Go offline. If you feel like doing it.

When deciding how to sell online, people often start using their accounts in social networks. It may be a reasonable temporary decision, or it may be only a delay in the way to success.

As soon as users realize that best places to sell your products online are special online selling platforms, things become more clear. However, sooner or later, they are destined to face the question: where to sell online in Nigeria?

Luckily, this is the simplest question to answer: sell on Jiji!



  • A huge collection of free classified ads in Nigeria
  • A popular selling platform with numerous opportunities for developing your business
  • More than an online store – it is a new-age trade community
  • 160,000 sellers
  • Almost 900,000 ads
  • Even more successful deals
  • The community with 63,300 Instagram and over 900,000 Facebook followers
  • One of the most visited websites in the country
  • The most innovative Nigerian online service of the year.
  • The answer to your question “How to set up a business?” and “How to start a company?”



Free ads posting the site in Nigeria. You can post an unlimited number of ads for free.

Efficiency. Moderation of an ad takes up to one hour. It is not going to lose its relevance by the moment it reaches buyers. It provides the opportunity to earn very quickly.

Simplicity. User-friendly interface and convenience guarantee that even users not familiar with classifieds will easily start selling. All items are divided into categories, so you have higher chances to find a buyer for your stuff.

New and used things. It does not matter what you are going to offer: there is enough room for everything.

Territory. Jiji sales take place at any location with the Internet access. Your store is not limited by four walls – it invites buyers from all over the country.

Security. Scam tracking, active Support Team, and the possibility to report fraud or suspicious activity together with constant improvements leave no worries to users.

Online selling app. Jiji App is available for Android and iOS smartphones for free. It occupies little storage space, uses little traffic and battery, and does not interfere with the overall performance of your gadget.


Many users have doubts about starting their business, bothered by the questions like “What can I sell online?” or “What is best to sell online?” This is how it works on Jiji.

jiji app

  1. Registration. There are several options for registration:
    • Fill in the required personal information.
    • Sign up with Google account.
    • Sign up with Facebook account.

      2. Post an ad

  • by pressing on “+”
  • by pressing on “Post Ad FREE Now”

   3. Fill in the information about an item you are going to sell

  • Choose a category
  • Choose a section inside the category
  • Write the name of an item
  • Choose your region
  • Write a description (at least 8 words)
  • Add photos (.jpg, .gif., or .png, mo more than 5MB each)
  • Click on “Post

    4. Monitor the statistics.

  • View information about visitors.
  • Check chat requests.

  1. After a buyer contacts you, provide all necessary information and get ready for making a deal.
  2. Check buyer’s profile before arranging the meeting.
  3. Sell the offered item and receive money.


Now you know, how to sell a product, and you know that it is not complicated. However, there is a wide selection buy and sell apps and online selling sites in Nigeria. So is there a way to stand out?

There are some rules and hacks, which can help you to be noticed among all users of best-selling apps and selling sites in Nigeria.

  • Choose a proper name. It should not be long, but should also contain the key information: if it is a phone, indicate its brand and model.
  • Write a description. The better a description of your item is, the less time it will take to sell it.
  • Add photos. It is not obligatory, but users prefer to see what they buy.
  • Indicate a reasonable price. Of course, you sell stuff in order to make money. Just remember that the price should correspond to the quality. Too low prices also make users suspicious.
  • Stay in touch. Be ready to answer questions and communicate with potential buyers. Rude sellers get negative feedback and low chances for success.
  • Complete your profile. Invite Facebook friends to join you and start following other users.


  • Use the advantages of premium services.
    • Promote single ads, putting them at the top of the page
    • Boost all ads and get them displayed higher than other users’ ads
    • Get several times more clients
    • Sell faster and earn more
    • Buy promo packages for 3, 6, or 12 months.



After you learn to post free ads and make sure it is an easy and interesting way to sell online in Nigeria, don’t hesitate to make your business grow.

Register your store on Jiji, install Jiji App – one of the best-selling apps – to keep everything under control, and watch your business flourish.

Starting an online store has never been so easy! Good luck with yours!

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