Lace Styles For Engagement

Engagement is a vital part of the Nigerian marriage process. This ceremony brings everyone that is close to the bride and the groom together. Naturally, a lot of attention is paid to the engagement wear.

There are many fabrics and styles that can be used in creating the engagement look for bride, but lace styles for engagement remain the most popular option. Check out the cutest lace engagement dresses and find your perfect dress for engagement today!

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1. Ivory Aso Oke

As every Nigerian bride knows, you can’t go wrong with picking Aso Oke for engagement. A lace Aso Oke is a type of engagement attire that would look stunning on any bride. An ivory-coloured Aso Oke is the perfect choice for a classically styled bride.

2. Green French lace dress

Engagement style in Nigerian culture tends to be rather conservative, but if you’re not afraid of a pop of colour for your engagement style dress, here is a colour combination that will definitely turn heads when you enter the room.

3. Pink lace dress

Pastel shades remain a huge part of African wear for engagement, and here we have one of the best examples of this trend. The baby pink colour of this lace gown is exactly what an bride needs: it’s delicate, festive, and simply perfect for the occasion.

4. Purple lace Aso Oke

If you’re a bride with an adventurous taste in clothing, you will definitely enjoy Aso Oke colours for engagement that are a bit more dramatic. The pairing of purple and red in this outfit will bring out the best in your complexion.

5. Short lace dress

Normally, Nigerian engagement dresses are long, but there is nothing keeping you from going for a shorter lace gown. If you consider yourself a fashion trendsetter, you’ll definitely feel comfortable in a knee-length lace engagement dress.

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6. Silver lace gown

Metallic fabrics or accents are seen in many of the latest engagement dresses for bride, which is why every bride should consider wearing a gorgeous silver dress for her engagement ceremony, pairing it with an equally beautiful silver gele.

7. Gold cord lace gown

Cord lace is one of the most beloved materials in Nigerian fashion, and it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing an engagement dress. If you want to feel like the queen of fashion and style at your engagement ceremony, go for a stunning gold cord lace dress.

8. Red Aso Oke

Without beautiful Aso Oke designs engagement can hardly be imagined, but if you won’t settle for just any Aso Oke style and want to make a fashion statement, red should be your colour of choice. It’s bold, it’s beautiful, and it won’t let you go unnoticed anywhere.

9. Teal lace dress

There is so much to love about this engagement look! The striking deep teal colour, the delicate lace detailing, and the trendy peplum cut of the dress together form a beautiful engagement dress that would look fantastic on any bride.

10. Peach lace gown

Peach is one of the most popular colours at Nigerian weddings, and there is nothing wrong with going for the classic. Plus, you can upgrade the standard peach dress design with some eye-catching details like flared satin sleeves.

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