The Lagos Fashion And Design Week 2017 Is Here! All You Need To Know!

The most important event in African fashion, the Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2017, is starting today. As one of the hottest events in Lagos this weekend, the Lagos Fashion and Design Week is already gaining attention from Nigerian and African fashion fans. Find out more about the event right now!

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1. What is the Lagos Fashion Week?

The Lagos Fashion Week is an annual multi-day event that is held to celebrate the achievements of African fashion, introduce new designers to the public, and bring together the media, consumers, and fashion buyers to propel the development of the local fashion industry.

The upcoming fashion shows in Lagos have already become known far outside the African borders: fashion magazines like Vogue have been featuring African designers and their designs in their coverage of the event.

2. When is Lagos Fashion Week 2017?

The Lagos Fashion Week 2017 dates have been decided a long time ago: today, October 25, is the first opening day of the show, and the fashion week will conclude on October 28 – this Saturday.

The first show today will take place at 6pm, and the last one is scheduled to begin at 10pm. The same schedule will continue throughout October 26 and 27, while the events on October 28 will start at 10am.

Plus, starting from tomorrow, everyone will have the ability to experience one of the most educational fashion shows in Lagos 2017, as for the next three days the attendees will be invited to lectures on fashion and business.

3. Who is going to be there?

As one of the key fashion events in Lagos 2017, the Fashion and Design Week understandably has a fascinating lineup of guests and designers. Here are the most interesting fashion designers in Lagos to look forward to this fashion week:

  • Maki Oh and their designer Amaka Osakwe, who helped popularize Nigerian fashion around the world after her designs were worn by Beyonce and Michelle Obama.
  • Lisa Folawiyo, who has been a prominent figure in African fashion since 2005. Each one of her designs take approximately 240 hours to create by hand, and her client list includes Solange Knowles and Lupita Nyong’o.
  • Imane Ayissi, a designer who hails from Cameroon and has an incredibly rich background, including being a ballet dancer. Dance is also one of the main inspirations for his designs.
  • Nkwo Onwuka, who has one of the best origin stories out of all top fashion designers in Lagos Nigeria – her career in fashion began in 2006 in London, when she was spotted wearing one of her designs at a high-end clothing store.

4. Highlights from the Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2016

As we’re preparing to see what African fashion has in store for us in 2017, let’s see the best things to have come out of 2016’s Lagos Fashion Week.

1. Style Temple

The brand caught everyone’s attention with their monochrome designs and bold shapes.

2. #AllAboutTheCurvyLife

Curves have dominated the runway at 2016 Fashion Week, and this brand has demonstrated by far the best designs for the curvy ladies.

3. Vlisco

What kind of African fashion week would it be without a share of native designs? Vlisco has put a modern twist on authentic patterns and fabrics to a great success!

4. Sophie Zinga

The fashion week in 2016 produced plenty of red carpet-worthy outfits, and Sophie Zinga, with her dreamy designs in a pastel color palette, clearly stood out.

5. P.O.C.

If you think that men were left behind at the last year’s fashion week, the P.O.C. fashion brand is here to prove you wrong with their selection of stylish clothes for men.

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