New Google Phone In Nigeria For Only ₦13,000 – Freetel Ice 2

Freetel is a relatively new company, emerging from Japan. Thanks to their recent collaboration with Google, the company has recently released their new phone, Freetel Ice 2, that is now on sale in Nigeria for an impressively low price – only ₦13,000! But what specifications such a budget phone could have? Let’s take a closer look at the Google’s latest phone, made specifically for the Nigerian market.

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This new Google phone is clearly placed in a budget segment of the market, which means that its specs are not going to be impressive. Yet its price will surely attract users with low income or people that have never used Google Android before. So, here is what this phone is equipped with:

1. Hardware

Although the specs of the Ice 2 smartphone are not that impressive – only 1 Gb of RAM and 1,4 GHz single-core CPU – and more suitable for about 5-year-old smartphone, the hardware is made in Japan, which means that this phone will serve you for a long time and it won’t fail you.

2. Display

This recent Google phone has only a 4-inch screen so it would be difficult to watch movies on it. Furthermore, it is a simple LCD display, so don’t expect great detailing. It also has some problems under the direct sunlight – flares won’t be your friend.

3. Camera

Freetel Ice 2 has 2 MP rear camera with an autofocus feature and an LED flash and 0.3 MP front camera. Although these cameras, according to most Google phone reviews, are not up to modern social media standards, they still can serve as a decent tool in our daily life.

4. Battery

A battery is probably the weakest part of this phone. This smartphone could work great as an affordable tool you could either use as your first ever smartphone or as an addition to your main gadget that you use only for calls and messages. But, unfortunately, only 1350 mAh battery won’t allow you to fully enjoy this smartphone. Although it seems enough for such non-exacting hardware, it is still not enough to keep it working for more than a day.

5. Other specs

Other specifications for this phone are:

  • Bluetooth v4.0;
  • Wi-Fi 802.11;
  • 8 Gb of internal storage with an ability to increase it with microSD card up to 32 Gb.

All in all, Freetel Ice 2 is worth exactly what it costs – you can’t expect more from the smartphone for ₦13,000, but it definitely is not too bad for its category and it will definitely find users that will be interested in it.

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