Olamide Son And Wizkid Kids – Star Children That Look Too Cute

We love our favorite musicians and stars for what their do, their performances and their style, but we don’t think too often about other parts of their life. It would be baffling to learn that most of them lead the same life we do, with same problems and joys we have.

For example, who would’ve thought that the most respected and successful Nigerian rappers, Wizkid and Olamide, are both loving and caring daddies?

Although both Olamide son and Wizkid son are very young, they are already showing the coolness they’ve inherited from their dads. Let’s take a closer look at these adorable kids.

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1. Wizkid’s children

Wizkid’s career started pretty early – he has recorded his first songs when he was only 11 years old. Since then, he has become much more popular, earned a lot of awards and fame and now is one of the most known artists in Nigeria. The performer has also become a father for a first time at a very young age of 21. Let’s take a closer look at the Wizkid first child.

1.1. Boluwatife Balogun

Boluwatife is almost six now, and although Wizkid didn’t accept him as his own at first, now there is no denying that there are similarities between the little man and his famous father.

Although there was some beef between Wizkid baby mama and Tania Omotayo – the singer’s ex-girlfriend – that didn’t really affect the relationship between the man and his son, who has grown to be pretty stylish and smart kid, as you can see on photos of Wizkid and son 2015.

1.2. Ayodeji Balogun Jr

Little Ayodeji is Wizkid second son. His mother is a Guinean model Binta Diamond Diallo, and Wizkid didn’t confirm his fatherhood again until the results of the DNA test came out. If you’re wondering, how old is Wizkid son – he is only around 1 year old. Check out these Wizkid son pictures from his own Instagram account – they are really adorable.

2. Olamide’s son

Olamide is not only a famous hip-hop artist but also a successful businessman – he has his own label and he helps the aspiring artist to rise to the top. His family life looks just as great as his career – he has a great fiancée and a healthy kid. Olamide Badoo son was born in January 2014, which makes him almost 4 years old.

Olamide son name is Batifeori Maximilliano Adedeji. The singer has been a terrific father, some of the evidence for that you can see on these pictures of Olamide son with his dad. Olamide and son are clearly having a fun time together, and their photos are really cute and should be a goal for every father. If you want your kid to look as stylish as little Batifeori, find baby items on Jiji.

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