How to open your online store in 30 seconds

Nowadays, many people decide to start their own business. Meanwhile, many are afraid to fail. Doing business in Nigeria in present days is not complicated: you can easily start an online store and soon expand your business offline. With, you can start earning right now.

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  • 3 years of functioning and constant improvements
  • 882,062 active ads and this number grows every hour
  • 20 regions and much more cities and towns to sell your stuff in
  • 160,000 sellers
  • 63,000 Instagram followers
  • 900,000 Facebook followers
  • one of the main retailers in the country, serving for the mass market
  • one of the TOP 5 Commerce & Retail Services (WAMAS award)

Doesn’t it sound like Jiji is a perfect place for starting a small business?


People, trying to figure out, how to build an online store, have different skills, possibilities, and criteria. And although the final plan of how to start a company will be quite personal, everyone is looking for a reliable platform on their way to opening an online store. Jiji is ready to offer the most important:

  1. Convenience. User-friendly interface allows to get familiar with the website and figure out how to start in a few minutes. Registration takes less than a minute, and starting an online store takes only 30 seconds.
  2. Efficiency. All goods and services are divided into nine big groups with many smaller categories. Thus, you will be able to occupy your specific niche. Moreover, the majority of ads are moderated in one hour, so they do not lose up-to-dateness on their way from your laptop to buyer’s one.
  3. Safety. Jiji is also known for advanced anti-fraud activity. Besides automatic scam detection systems, users are free to report any suspicious activity to Support Team and are expected to leave feedback about other users. The verification system is constantly improved, too.
  4. Communication. There are no mediators, no annoying assistants, or any third parties. All users are free to communicate with each other directly, saving their time and avoiding extra charges. It is the most effective way to sell online in Nigeria.
  5. Opportunities. You’ve already heard that Jiji is the best way to make money online. These are not just hollow words: here you can create an online store for free and become a part of a fast-growing community with the limitless potential for development.

The answer to the question about how to start a successful online store is persistence. There is a lot of work to be done, but you know the five key factors that will help to start a small business.



Lucrative business in Nigeria with small capital. You can post an unlimited number of ads for free. Jiji does not charge any fee for the assistance in “how to create an online store” struggle.

Starting a business company. Many users start with small steps, like trying figure out how to sell online in Nigeria, and with Jiji, they have an opportunity to take this activity to another level and to start online shopping business, to create an online store, their own company.

Increasing sales easily. Besides a chance to start a profitable business in Nigeria with little capital, Jiji allows developing this business effectively. The strategy of how to build an online store is not limited to idea and platform – it needs promotion. Jiji offers tools for boosting ads and making sales more effective.


Sometimes people do not know how to set up a business and how to start an online store just because they are not certain their idea is going to work. If you are not sure, what you are ready to offer, here are some tips for starting a business.

  • Sewing. If you are a fashion expert, like stylish things, and can make and repair clothes, this is your chance to open an online store. There are a lot of men and women looking for the original garment.
  • Garden and landscaping. You can make decorations, sell garden furniture, or offer the complete reconstruction plan, helping people to make their yards cozier.
  • Bakery. Are you the one, who likes to make tasty and nice-looking cakes and cookies? You know what to do. Besides, cooking ideas are not limited to bakery only.
  • Goods for animals. People like their pets and take good care of them. High-quality goods for animals will attract a lot of clients.
  • Bookstore. Some say, computers, gadgets, and eBooks are going to destroy printed literature, but lately, more and more people start looking for something interesting to read. Invite them to your bookstore. Besides, you can sell books in electronic format and readers for them, too.
  • Gifts. If you are a creative person, use this talent to help the others. You can sell handmade stuff as well as different original things, so your buyers will not have to worry about choosing presents to their loved ones.
  • Imported and rare goods. People often want what is difficult to get. You can order interesting and popular stuff on eBay, Amazon, or AliExpress and sell it in Nigeria. Also, you can find antique and vintage goods – people like those, too.

The questions like how to make an online store, how to start a business plan, or how to start a small company should not bother people so much. In the end, all you need is an idea, and actually, it does not have to be something one of a kind.



After a person admits, “I want to start a business,” they ask themselves a question, “What do I need to open a business?” Everything is simple with Jiji.

  1. Register (with email, Facebook, or Google)
  2. Create online shop on Jiji company.
  3. Post some ads (with photos and descriptions).
  4. Communicate with buyers and answer their questions (if there are any).
  5. Sell things.
  6. Earn money quickly and easily.

There are only a few steps to starting a business. The sooner you open, the sooner you realize that all worries concerning how to set up an online shop were in vain. It will not take much time till you have a success story and a handful of advice about how to open an online store.


Users choose to start a small business on Jiji for different reasons:

  • an opportunity to make money fast
  • premium services
  • convenience and simplicity
  • a lot of advertising on other web resources
  • no fraud and caring attitude in general

And there is something these users have in common: they use Jiji App for constant access to their business and effective management. Jiji App allows:

  • to keep everything handy
  • to keep track on online shopping stores statistics
  • to communicate with buyers
  • to add new goods anytime it is convenient
  • keep the information updated

Meanwhile, the application does not use much traffic, power, or storage space. Download Jiji App for Android or iOS for free to use all opportunities of the service.


You have read the complete manual of how to start an online shop, but if you still have any questions, find more information:

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