Tecno Camon C7 vs C9: Which One Is Right For You?

In the past few years, Tecno has become the go-to brand for buyers looking for an affordable and technologically advanced smartphone. Both Tecno C7 and Tecno C9, released in 2016, became the favorites among buyers, but the Tecno Camon C7 vs C9 competition is only getting started. Find out which one to choose in the Tecno C7 vs C9 battle!

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1. Tecno Camon C7 specs and review

Tecno Camon C7 was launched in the summer of 2016 and has been widely referred to as the younger brother of the C9 model, launched shortly before that. Nearly any Tecno Camon C7 review has pointed out that the new phone is a big improvement over the older models. Here is what Camon C7 has to offer in terms of specs:

  • 5.0-inch FHD display
  • Fully plastic body
  • 1.3GHz Quad core Mediatek MT6753 processor
  • 2GB of RAM and 16GB of built-in memory
  • Android 6.0
  • 13MP front and rear camera with flash

The Tecno C7 battery life is understandably a big concern, as no one wants a device that doesn’t even allow you to go for a whole day without charging. The C7 has a 2500mAh battery, which is pretty standard for the phones of its segment, but it’s obviously nothing outstanding.

A lot of attention is always paid to the Tecno Camon C7 camera review, as it’s one of the first Tecno models to feature a 13MP front camera with flash. This feature is targeted at avid selfie-takers, and they’re going to be truly pleased with how both cameras perform in any lighting.

Tecno phones are famously well-built, which is why there are not too many Camon C7 problems to be worried about. Users occasionally report issues with the phone charging, Wi-Fi connectivity, and calls, but so far there’s been nothing that a simple reboot can’t fix.


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2. Tecno Camon C9 specs and review

The Tecno Camon C9 specifications have attracted even more attention from the public, since the C9 is marketed as a more high-end device, given the considerably higher Tecno C9 price. Here is what you’ll find in your Camon C9:

  • 5.5-inch LCD display
  • Metal and polycarbonate plastic body
  • 1.7GHz Octa-core MediaTek MT6592 processor
  • 2GB of RAM and 16GB of built-in memory
  • Android 6.0
  • 13MP front and rear camera with LED flash

At first glance, the specs in the two models are pretty similar, but it’s all in the details when it comes to choosing between the two. The use of metal in the C9 design instantly elevates the phone over its plastic competitor. The LED flash-equipped front camera produces better selfies. And the faster processor ensures improved performance.

In addition to overall better specs, the Tecno C9 battery life is another major selling point of the phone. It has a 3000mAh battery, which not only gives you longer use time but also moves the device up a class.

There are not too many Tecno C9 problems reported by the users as it’s a well-designed and built smartphone. You may experience issues with a battery draining too fast – in that case, use a battery saving utility. Moreover, a simple reboot and clearing of the cache should help with most performance problems.

Tecno Camon C9 Unboxing

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3. Tecno C9 and Tecno C7 price in Nigeria

No one will argue that the price for tech is a major factor in the choosing process. The first thing you need to know is that the Tecno Camon C7 price isn’t different from the Tecno Camon C9 price in Nigeria.

Right now the Tecno Camon C7 price in Nigeria is between 45,000 and 55,000 for a new device. The Tecno Camon C9 price is between 50,000 and 65,000. Now you know the answer to the question “How much is Tecno Camon C9 and C7?” and can make the right choice.

4. Which one is right for you?

While the two phones are similar in many aspects, including the Camon C7 and Camon C9 price, they are still two different devices built for different categories of buyers.

The Tecno C7 will be a better choice for you if you’re shopping on a budget, don’t mind the fully plastic body, are fine with a lower capacity of the battery, and prefer smaller devices over larger ones.

You should go for the Tecno C9 if your phone shopping budget is not too limited if you want your mobile phone to look more presentable thanks to the partly metal body, if you often take selfies and need them to look impeccable, and if you want the phone to work longer without recharging.

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