How To Write A Cover Letter – Easy Guide For The Beginners

A cover letter is an important addition to your resume. If you know how to write a cover letter, you will have a much bigger chance to get a job you want. There are a lot of different cover letter examples that will definitely work, but which one would be the best choice for you? Find out how to make a cover letter just for you with this easy guide.

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If you don’t know, what is a cover letter, the answer is simple – it is a document that in some cases is even more important then the resume. Cover letter for employment gives your employer more information about your experiences and even a little bit about your personality. This is why you shouldn’t use a sample cover letter for resume – just use a cover letter template as an example. If you’re not sure about your cover letter format, here are a few general tips on how to write a good cover letter:

1. Introduction

Start your cover letter for job application with a greeting towards the person that is going to read it. If you don’t know their name, address them by their position. For example, start with “Dear Mr/Ms/Dr Insert Name” or “Dear Hiring Manager”.

After the salutations, write about the position you want to occupy. Although cover letter for job is less dry and official than a resume, go straight to the point and don’t let your thoughts wander too much. You should also mention here how did you find the vacancy you’re applying to.

2. The body of the letter

This is the part of the cover letter for employment where you actually state your experiences. Most of the how to write a cover letter samples suggest that it should not consist of more than three paragraphs, and they are not wrong – hiring managers won’t spend a lot of time on each cover letter, so impress them with the limited space you have.

This part of how to do a cover letter tutorial should include only your previous experience that makes your qualified for the position you’re applying. However, you should also state why you are the best person for the job – some unique experience will make your letter be different from sample cover letter for job.

On the other hand, to properly learn how to write a cover letter for a job, you will also need to state why you’ve chosen this exact company and this exact position from hundreds of other jobs in Nigeria. It is important for the employer to understand, what do you expect from the job you might get.

3. Conclusion

The last part you should learn in order to know how to write a cover letter for a job application is your closing statement. According to most cover letter samples for job application, it should be a summary of the body of your letter. However, you should not forget to add some additional information.

This additional info, the last step in the how to write a cover letter for a CV tutorial, includes your contact information, your plans for the future in the company and an offer for a meeting or an interview. End your letter with a closing statement and your full name.

There are lots of free cover letter templates online, but not a lot of them follow this simple structure. That’s why finding the perfect sample cover letter for resume might be a difficult task. To make it easier for you, here are a couple of cover letter samples you can use as an example:

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