How To Achieve The Natural Make Up Look

Natural makeup is one of the most versatile looks you can create. Beautiful natural eye makeup is perfectly appropriate for any occasion, and one of the biggest benefits of this look is that you can easily turn it into evening makeup with a swipe of red lipstick or a simple eyeliner.

When creating a natural makeup look for black skin, it’s important to follow some tips for the best results. Check out our natural makeup tutorial for beginners and look your best every day!

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1. Face

It’s no secret that natural makeup look for brown skin is all about that healthy, glowing skin. You can put minimum effort into the rest of your natural makeup look, but pay special attention to the skin for the whole look to work.

Start by applying concealer to the areas with uneven pigmentation, especially the undereye area and any blemishes. The key in this natural makeup tutorial is not to choose full-coverage products: both your concealer and foundation should be as sheer as possible. You can even go for a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation if your skin is in a good condition.

Often ladies who are just learning how to make up naturally think that natural-looking makeup does not include blush, bronzer or highlighter. The truth is that when applied in moderation, these elements will make you look even better without overpowering your image. Use a blush or bronzer that is one tone darker or brighter that your own skin tone and apply a tiny bit of highlighter to the tops of your cheeks.

2. Eyes

The next step in our makeup tutorial is a natural makeup look for brown eyes. So, how to look beautiful naturally without using a dozen of eye makeup products? The answer is: with the help of your eyebrows!

This may be the most important thing you learn from our natural makeup look tutorial. Eyebrows frame your whole face, which is why you can get away with zero eye makeup if you fill in your eyebrows with a pencil and ensure a stronghold with a clear or tinted eyebrow gel.

If you’re going for a more eye-catching natural makeup look for black skin, you can also use a sharp eyeliner to draw between your eyelashes. This technique is called tightlining and it allows you to make your eyes look beautiful while being virtually invisible. Finally, a mascara isn’t normally a part of a simple natural makeup tutorial, but a single swipe of brown mascara will be a nice finishing touch to your eye makeup.

3. Lips

If you’re wondering how to apply natural make up the traditional way, then a full-color lipstick is out of the question. One of the most helpful makeup tips in this situation is to use a tinted lip balm or a dab of matte lip pigment.

You can also take your favorite lip gloss that is 1-2 shades darker than your natural lip tone and apply it thinly on your lips, making an extra accent in the middle of your bottom lip for a more voluminous look.

That’s it – your beautiful natural makeup is done and you’re ready to go out and dazzle!

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