Best Photographers In Nigeria: Moments to Remember!

Professional Nigerian photographers are unique people of art so let’s take a closer look at who they really are!

Most media attention in Nigeria is paid to movie or sports celebrities while photographers often remain in the shadow. So this time we will try to shed some light on this endlessly talented group of people in Nigeria.

Check out this list of the most eye-catching top photographers in Nigeria!

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1. Top 10 photographers in Nigeria

1.1. George Osodi

George Osodi is an internationally appreciated photojournalist showing how average Nigerians struggle to survive on a daily basis. The topic that he especially likes to cover is oil and its role for Nigerians. For contrast, he often shows how poor ordinary people can be.

1.2. Aisha Augie-Kuta

Aisha Augie-Kuta has been considered the best female photographer in Nigeria and she definitely deserves it. In 2011 she won the Future Award for Creative Artist of the Year for her Faces of Africa portrait collection showing various female portraits made in Ethiopia.

Besides women, Aisha captures children, fashion models, sportsmen, and wildlife.

1.3. Ade Adekola

Ade Adekola is an art photographer that makes breathtaking images with the help of light and shadow.

He is known for capturing virtually anything from flags to monuments and nature. In 2017 he released a fascinating blurry portrait collection of ordinary people shown through the figured glass.

1.4. Adeola Olagunju

Adeola Olagunju is one of the best photographers in Nigeria, known for her self-portraits. Most of her pictures are black and white and show everyday life and culture of Nigeria. Her most well-known work is “Resurgence: A Manifesto”.

1.5. Andrew Esiebo

Andrew Esiebo is fascinated by people that love doing their jobs. That’s why he often portrays Nigerian hairdressers and barbershop workers as well beginning fashion adepts and people engaged in coffee manufacturing.

Andrew also depicts HIV-infected people and those who suffer from lottery addiction.

1.6. TY Bello

List of famous photographers would have been incomplete without TY Bello, a singer and the photographer who made a bread seller, Olajumoke Orisaguna, a widely-recognized model.

She used to work as a journalist before becoming a photographer and working for a fashion magazine. She also was the personal photographer of Nigerian ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan.

1.7. Obi Somto

Mr. Obi Somto has a degree in Banking and Finance from Babcock University. However, he devoted his life to various forms of art like drawing, painting, molding, carving and photographing.

He started as a graphic designer and illustrator. He is known for making portraits of many Nigerian celebrities, including Goodluck Jonathan.

1.8. Kelechi Amadi

Kelechi Amadi-Obi has earned global appreciation for his photography and paintings.

The list of his clients includes Guinness Nigeria PLC, Insight Grey MTN Nigeria PLC, PZ Nigeria PLC, British American Tobacco, Prima Garnet Ogilvy, SOU, Nigerian Flour Mills, The Ford Foundation and Orange Drugs Nigeria Ltd!

1.9. Jide Odukoya

Jide is an extremely talented and creative photographer specializing in vivid and inspiring travel photos. Jide takes pictures of all the places that he visits rendering his personal twist to everything he sees. His wedding shoots are also fantastic!

1.10. Lakin Ogunbanwo

Lakin Ogunbanwo is the last but not the least in our list of photographers in Nigeria. His pictures are colorful and full of light. He takes portraits of men and women, changing their body into a piece of art.

He took pictures of many Nigerian celebrities, like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. His photos were exhibited at Lagos Photo Festival, Art 14 in London as well as in the Rooke and van Wyk Gallery in Johannesburg.

2. Top wedding photographers in Nigeria

The five of the best photographers according to the Internet are the following:

  • Simi Vijay
  • Shola Olarewaju
  • Adewale Yusuf
  • Lemmy Vedutti
  • Olumide Onafuwa.

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3. Celebrity photographers in Nigeria

3.1. Kelechi Amadi Obi

3.2. TY Bello

3.3. Reze Bonna

3.4. Yetunde Babeko

3.5. Bayo Omoboriowo

3.6. Sunmi Smart-Cole

3.7. Udeme Robbin.

4. Best fashion photographers

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