Braid Hairstyles For Kids

Finding the right hairstyles for little girls can be tricky: you want the hair to look neat and put together, but at the same time a child’s hairstyle shouldn’t be dull. That is why most parents prefer braid hairstyles for kids.

Braided hairstyles for black girls are able to solve nearly any hair problem: you little girl’s hair will always be in order while looking incredibly cute and appropriate. Check out our kids’ braids gallery and find the right style for your little one!

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1. Braids for kids with long hair

There’s no doubt that long hair gives you lots of opportunities for kids hairstyle and braids. There are many ways to style little girl braids with long hair, and here are the most popular ones.

Braids for kids with long hair are created not only to give the girl a cute look, but also to keep the hair protected, and this high ponytail with cornrows is a great choice of braids for kids.

When the occasion is truly special, the kids’ braid styles should match it. Try this neat braided bun and decorate it with glitter hairspray for an extra festive touch.

When regular braids for girls start feeling boring, time to try something that is edgier, and this twisted mohawk is the perfect example of unconventional yet cute hair styling.

Straight cornrows are one of the most versatile children’s braids black hairstyles. They can be worn loose or styled into ponytails or buns – for example if it’s too hot outside for loose hair.

A fishtail braid is a truly elegant kind of braided hairstyles for little girls. It may take time to style it, but the result will be definitely worth it!

2. Braids for kids with short hair

Contrary to what many people think, short-haired girls can enjoy the same variety of braided hairstyles as girls with long hair.

One of the cutest ways to style kids hair braids is to combine braids with natural curls – a hairstyle similar to what this little fashionista is sporting.

A French braid is beloved by girls and women all over the world for a reason – it may be the quickest way to style even the most stubborn hair into a neat and adorable style.

Box braids are a popular choice for girls with short hair, and giving them a shape of a bob is an easy way to instantly make it look more refined.

Here is a proof that even a single braid can be a powerful look, especially when it’s paired with a neatly styled Afro on the top of the head.

3. Kids braided hairstyles with beads

Beads are a versatile tool when it comes to children’s braided hair – with the addition of colorful beads any braids will look even better.

The most straightforward way to try black kids hairstyles with beads is to add monochrome beads on the ends of each braid – it’s a simple but effective look.

Metallic beads are a popular way to enhance Ghana braids – they can be easily changed, which means your baby girl can wear new beads every day.

There is so much to love about the next hairstyle: not only are these braided pigtails truly adorable, but the two-tone beads add a fashionable touch to the look.

Placing an accent on one braid with the help of small metallic beads turns this braided hairstyle from everyday wear to high fashion.

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