Bum Shorts Style

It’s not a secret that Nigerian girls are some of the dressiest in the world. From traditional garments to the newest designer clothing, from Ankara styles to bum shorts – everything feels right to wear. By the way, have you already bought a pair of bum shorts?

Bum shorts fashion is on the rise, so we decided to make a short review of bum shorts outfits for hot weather and hot look.

What shorts?

Bum shorts are probably the most minimalistic outfit you can find. They are trim-sized and perfectly fitting to body shape, repeating ladies’ body contours. These mini-shorts have become extremely popular lately, and you will not find a single fashion blogger, who haven’t tried bum shorts and crop tops on.

Recently, bum shorts for ladies have become a must-have piece to have in the wardrobe, almost as necessary as the little black dress. What is more important, you do not have to worry about your body shape: there are models, which will look amazing on you.

bum shorts fashion

Bum shorts style

Here are some bum short looks ideas for your inspiration.

Denim shorts

Is there a person, who does not have a pair of jeans in the wardrobe? We doubt that. Denim shorts are always a good idea.

bum shorts fashion

Slim fit

This is the model perfectly fitting your body shape and repeating all curves. This is a perfect choice for slim girls.

bum shorts fashion


Bum shorts are associated with summer, fun, and a little bit of nastiness. To get something colorful is certainly a good idea – if not for everyday wear, then for sunny mood!

bum shorts fashion

Plump body type

Some think that short skirts and bum shorts are not the best choice girls with plump body type. We think it is just another prejudice. And the photo below supports the idea.

bum shorts fashion

Buttoned up shorts

There are people, who believe that every detail should be functional. Of course, you may argue that it is not very convenient to deal with all these buttons, nevertheless, they become accessories in this case.

bum shorts fashion

Ruffles / lace shorts

Nothing will make you look more exquisite than ruffles, even with bum shorts.

bum shorts fashion

Ankara bum shorts

Traditional Nigerian patterns appear on the catwalks of European and American fashion weeks. No wonder that Ankara bum shorts are popular, and let’s be honest: they are amazing!

bum shorts fashion

Classy look

Well, there are bum shorts, which look even elegant. Haters (in other words, the staid) gonna hate, but how can they?

bum shorts fashion

Bum shorts and crop top

This combination has already become traditional for street style.

bum shorts fashion

Unexpected combination

You can wear bum shorts with everything. Just be yourself and don’t be afraid to experiment.

bum shorts fashion

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