Five Nigerian Fashion Influencers You Should Watch

Both global and Nigerian fashion is so dynamic and unpredictable that sometimes keeping track of the latest trends becomes complicated. Luckily, there are people, who can always help you to stay tuned and stylish. Get ready to meet some of the most interesting Nigerian fashion influencers.

Male Fashion Influencers

Noble Igwe

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The famous Nigerian blogger and the founder of 360nobs Group, Noble Igwe has become the fashion icon that can never go wrong. He is not afraid to experiment with color and style combinations. His beard and the love of jackets are his style signature, as well as unexpected twists he brings to everyday outfits. Noble Igwe goes beyond mass trends and sets his own fashion standards, unique and sometimes challenging for the conservative society like Nigerian.

Akin Faminu

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Fashion influencer, blogger, menswear enthusiast, and doctor – Akin Faminu is certainly an interesting person to follow. He managed to combine difficult and time-consuming studying and work with cooperation with famous brands and online platforms, including CNN Africa. And he did it impressively well. He makes trim and neat looks feel more carefree. Besides, there is some Afrocentric spice in his perfectly tailored outfits and wrap tops paired with shorts.

Adebayo Oke-Lawal

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The creative director of Orange Culture brand helps to reconsider the idea of masculinity enclosed in menswear. Instead of three-piece suits and rugged denim, he uses organza, silk, and similar light fabrics. Oke-Lawal confesses that he is not a suit fan, and this pushed him to create something different and suggest an alternative for fellow men. Is there a better way to find the outfits perfect for you than designing everything on your own? The uniqueness and individuality expressed in every collection attract the attention of the international audience.

Denola Grey

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There is no need to look for a personal fashion consultant as long as you follow this guy. He is media presenter and fashion writer with a preppy and suave style, which looks so effortless and natural that it occupies a personal niche in the industry. In spite of the imperceptible pseudonym (blogger’s real name is Denole Adepetun), the model and fashion enthusiast is not afraid to take risks, experimenting with items from different brands and combining masculine and metrosexual styles.

Jeremiah Ogbodo

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This celebrity fashion stylist is better known as Swanky Jerry. He is one of the most sought-after professionals in the industry. It took only two years for Ogbodo to become the nominee of several style awards. His style is swanky – eclectic and luxurious. The stylist confesses that he is driven by the desire to stay on top, so he keeps styling red carpets, magazine covers, music videos etc. Follow the blogger get to more insights.

Female Fashion Influencers

Folake Huntoon

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She is the blogger, stylist, and designer; and her account is the real style pantry. Simple and elegant outfits sometimes are combined with intricate patterns and pieces. She is unpredictable, ready to offer outfit solutions for diverse followers. Sometimes it seems that Huntoon goes from fierce to sporty in a minute or even combine both.

Monica Awe Etuk

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Monica Awe-Etuk has been dreaming to become a designer since early years. Nowadays, she is the inspiration for thousands of followers. She mixes classic pieces with eye-catching accessories. She reminds about the elegance and timeliness of classic style, promoting it on the mass market. Monica Awe-Etuk believes that fashion is important because society judges women by appearance. She helps professional women to look attractive and feel confident. Attention to details and perfect understanding of the audience makes her the perfect choice to follow.

Fisayo Longe

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The blog Mirror Me is full of stories about fashion, travel, and personal development. Fisayo writes about things that inspire her and keeps inspiring the others. Mirror Me was nominated for the blog of the year. Besides writing, Longe has launched the clothing brand KAI – luxurious and affordable outfits. The list of the companies she has worked with includes Nike, New Look, Topshop, John Lewis, the Universal Music Group, Google and more. Her looks are always stylish, creative, and bold.

Hanifah Abubakar

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She started a blog because of the people, who admired her style and outfits. It was a huge step for Hanifah as personality, and it was amazing news for her style lovers. Her style is simple. It balances between casual and elegant, reminding that the fashion does not have to be edgy. While Hanifah Abubakar is aiming to become the red carpet stylist, you can make her Instagram your personal style guide.

Tosin Alexandriah Sho-Silva

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Minimalism is the new classic, and Alex gladly reminds about it. She shares occasional beauty tips and tells about her personal style in pictures. Her outfit ideas are very versatile, but it is always based on color coordination. It reflects the feelings and impressions of the fashion enthusiast, centered on comfort and sophistication. Her woman line promises to become very successful, and for now, you are welcome to find inspiration in her photo stories.