Health Benefits of Alligator Pepper

Some peopled are puzzled, trying to figure out the difference between alligator pepper and grains of paradise. Actually, these are the same species with the difference only in the way they are sold. Seeds of paradise are distributed in the “final version” – peeled and dried, seeds only. Alligator pepper, on the contrary, gets on the market like the whole pod.

What is alligator pepper?

Alligator is known as one of the Nigerian herbs that boost fertility and does not have much in common with an animal mentioned in its name. The herb was called so because of the appearance: its texture is visually similar to alligator’s back. The closest species related to alligator pepper are cardamom and ginger, so you can imagine the flavor and taste it adds to every dish. If you like to use this kind of pepper in cooking, you will be glad to discover that it has many benefits; and if not, you might change your opinion soon.

The spice originally comes from Western Africa, and Nigeria is one of its native countries. On the outside, it is a bit similar to bamboo leaves. The reddish fruit grow at the base of a tree, but they change color to brown after they are dry. The spice is strong, but it is perfect for soups and vegetables.

Besides, alligator pepper is significant in the cultural aspect. It is the attribute of welcoming ceremony among Yoruba. Traditionally, the spice is given to a newborn, marking a baby a part of the family. It is also one of the traditional wedding gifts.

benefits of alligator pepper

Uses of alligator pepper

There are three main spheres of using this spice:

  • Medicine – as a component of pills and food supplements.
  • Cosmetology – as a component of skin care products.
  • Culinary – as a component for better taste and flavor to soups and stews.

Benefits of alligator pepper

Health benefits of alligator pepper receive much attention. No wonder: the idea to improve health with the help of supplements that make food tastier sounds genius. Here are some of the health benefits of eating alligator pepper.

Alligator pepper and high blood pressure

The pepper seeds are rich n antioxidants. Alkaloids, flavonoids, cardiac glycosides, the phenolic compound, and other phytonutrients help to prevent body parts damage. It offers protection from free radicals release and normalizes blood pressure.

Alligator pepper and fibroid

Rich in fiber, alligator pepper ensures fast regeneration of tissues and wound healing. The high amount of tannin prevents inflammation and the unpleasant consequences it may cause. This property also makes it effective in treating gastrointestinal disorders, like stomach pains and diarrhea.

Alligator pepper and weight loss

The key to success is the balanced diet. Alligator pepper seeds and extracts help to normalize the digestive process. The pepper has been used as the cure for stomach pain and diarrhea for centuries as one of the most important elements in folk medicine. Besides, antimicrobial properties help to prevent more serious illnesses, including Staphylococcus.

benefits of alligator pepper

Alligator pepper and diabetes

One of the most significant properties of alligator pepper is blood sugar rates control. This spice helps to lower blood sugar and to maintain it stable. This is extremely important taking into account the growing number of people suffering from this disease and the complications that come with it.

Alligator pepper and fertility

According to the recent studies, alligator pepper is a strong natural aphrodisiac. It can stimulate sex desires and guarantee better stamina when it comes to sexual performance. The herb is also used for treating skin diseases. Altogether, alligator pepper helps people to become more attractive and boost sexual performance, altogether leading to the increase of fertility.

Alligator pepper and pregnancy

The long list of benefits makes alligator pepper useful for everyone. However, it is necessary to remember about moderate consumption. Women in the first trimester are advised to restrain from consuming the spice. Nevertheless, it would be better to consult a specialist regarding this matter.

Side effects of alligator pepper

It is complicated to believe, but no side effects of alligator pepper have been detected. The experiments suggest only potential danger for pregnant and lactating women. This spice is too strong, so consumption by kids should be controlled, too, in order to prevent irritation.

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