Mercy Aigbe Daughter: Find Out Everything About Her

Unlike many other Nollywood stars, Mercy Aigbe never hides away from the spotlight – in fact, she welcomes it. We know a lot about the various aspects of Mercy’s life; however, not much is known about Mercy Aigbe daughter. Find out everything you have to know about Mercy’s daughter right now!

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1. Who is Mercy Aigbe’s daughter?

The first thing anyone wants to find out about Mercy’s family is the Mercy Aigbe daughter name. Finally, it’s been revealed that Mercy’s daughter is called Michelle and she is the child from the actress’s first marriage.

Mercy Aigbe is very proud of her daughter. In every photo, you can see that Michelle not only looks very similar to her mother but also tries to emulate Mercy’s impeccable style. Michelle Aigbe is an aspiring model with a few beautiful professional photoshoots in her portfolio, and we have no doubt she has a bright future in the modeling business.

Right now, however, for Michelle Aigbe school is the main priority. Mercy made sure to give an excellent education to all of her children, which is why the Mercy Aigbe daughter school is one of the best ones in the country. This summer Michelle graduated from secondary school, but at the moment it’s unclear whether she’ll continue her education. As Michelle said goodbye to her school, she posted some cute graduation pics on her social media.

2. Mercy Aigbe daughter birthday

Now that you know a little bit more about Mercy Aigbe and daughter, you’re probably wondering: “how old is Mercy Aigbe daughter?” Most Mercy Aigbe fans find it hard to believe that the Yoruba actress has a teenage daughter since Mercy doesn’t look a day over 30

That is why you’ll probably be surprised to learn that Mercy Aigbe daughter birthday is July 11, 2001. That’s right – Michelle welcomed her latest birthday this summer, and now Mercy Aigbe daughter age is 16. See how the family celebrated Michelle’s 16th birthday in style!

3. Mercy Aigbe daughter photos

Michelle Aigbe has her own social media accounts where she shares photos from her everyday life, and she is often seen on her mom’s Instagram. Here are some of the latest and best pics of Michelle.

To mark her 16th birthday, Michelle Aigbe had a princess-style photoshoot. Here she looks like she’s been just crowned the most beautiful girl, which she surely is.

Michelle often wears her hair in thick, luscious braids – that way she not only tries new and trendy hairstyles but also stays true to her heritage.

Watch Michelle make a fashion statement right on her Instagram! Dressed in famous brands from head to toe, Michelle Aigbe proves she’s ready to be a model.

Here you can not only see Michelle rocking authentic Agbada clothing, but also make sure once again that she looks just like her beautiful mother Mercy.

When going out on a special occasion, Michelle knows exactly what to wear to make an impression: this whole look, from the dress to the sandals, is just perfect, and we especially love the trendy colorful highlights.

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