Nigerian Traditional Wedding Shoes and Bags

The wedding day is one of the most important days in person’s life. Every bride wants to everything to be perfect – from wedding gown to invitations, from desserts to accessories. Speaking of accessories, finding perfectly matching shoes and a bag is not an easy task. Here are some ideas of Nigerian traditional wedding shoes and bags to help and inspire future brides’.

The main rule of Nigerian wedding style

The White gown has become the classics all over the world during last decades. Nevertheless, traditional wedding styles are the trend that comes back, and Nigeria is not an exception.

Many girls choose Igbo and Yoruba wedding attire – lace blouses, bright skirts, coral beads, and exquisite geles. The best thing about traditional wedding attire is that it helps to keep individuality of every bride, for there is only one rule: bright colors.

Nigerian traditional wedding

How to choose wedding shoes

According to the popular belief, the colors of a bag and shoes should match. This makes the task at least a bit easier because there is no universal formula for choosing wedding shoes for a bride. There are several scenarios:

  • Perfect – you choose pretty and comfortable shoes that match your outfit.
  • Compromise – you find something beautiful and quite comfortable and the pair of low-heels to change in case you get tired.
  • Heroic – you pick the amazing footwear and get ready to overcome any difficulties in case the shoes are not comfortable.

Think twice before making the final decision.

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wedding shoes

Wedding shoe ideas

Fashion changes too fast to keep track on every trend, while the classic wedding color combinations stay the same for decades. Here are some of the most popular palettes of wedding shoes for brides in Nigeria.

Red and white/silver

These are the dominant colors of Igbo outfits. Clothes, matching accessories, and shoes can be combined in different variations, but always look shiny. Although it is the classic Nigerian combination, it looks quite universal and is likely to remind about western influences.

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wedding shoes wedding bags

Gold and orange/red

In Yoruba tradition, both bride and groom have the elements of gold color in their outfits. Often these elements can be limited to gold stitching and threading, but they are very distinctive. Whether a reference to bright future or wealth, gold details look perfect with shoes decorated with sparkles.

wedding shoes wedding bags

Pink and gold

This combination sounds and looks like the princess-style wedding. Pink shoes with gold elements and a purse of either of these colors will look neat, gentle, and sweet. Besides, it is not just Disney combination – it is traditional Yoruba color combination.

wedding shoes wedding bags

Blue and gold/gray/silver

While gold remains one of the most popular wedding colors, probably thanks to the feeling of festivity it creates, blue (and navy blue in particular) have become popular not so long ago. These colors look amazing in combination with something sparkling.

wedding shoes wedding bags

Green and beige/cream

In case your eyes are tired of gold and silver, sparkling at every wedding reception, do not be afraid to try something different. Besides, it may fit even better for your color type and complexion.

wedding shoes wedding bags

Low-heel wedding shoes

Some brides believe aim to choose comfortable and elegant high heels to wear during all wedding day. However, there are at least two good reasons to buy the low-heel alternative. Firstly, social activities, including dancing, and a lot of walking may be more complicated than you think. Secondly, you can wear these shoes more than once.

wedding shoes

In case you cannot decide which one to take, find the compromise or make the for-and-against list. If it is possible, take both options.

A few words about purses

A purse is most likely to become the finishing touch of your preparation.

  • Choose the color and shape, which matches the overall image.
  • It should be little – you do not need to carry all “just in case” things with you on this day.
  • If you are going to use the purse after wedding, do not hesitate to spend more money.
  • Do not worry if it is a one-time accessory – this day is worth it.

wedding bags

Take a look at your wedding outfit and find perfect wedding shoes and bags for this special occasion on Jiji.