Parsley Leaves Benefits For Your Health

Parsley leaves are one of the most underrated natural remedies. You’ve probably mostly seen uses of parsley leaves in cooking, but this humble plant is a powerful tool for your wellness and beauty. Learn more about the health benefits of parsley leaves and find out about parsley uses you’ve never known about.

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1. Anti-inflammation

Inflammations are not at all uncommon in the modern world, and it turns out that parsley leaves are one of the most effective solutions against this condition. Anti-inflammation parsley leaves benefits for kidney and the ability to prevent kidney stones are their best-known use, but parsley can also help bladder and other inflammations. Men should also note the parsley benefits that help fight prostatitis.

2. Heart health

According to numerous studies, parsley has proved to be very efficient against hypertension. Moreover, parsley is a must-have herb for people who try to keep to a low-salt diet due to heart diseases. Thanks to its distinctive flavor and taste, parsley can be used as a no-salt seasoning for meat and fish, thus lowering your salt intake.

3. Source of iron

It’s hard to keep your diet balanced, which is why what many people lack today is iron. If you can’t get enough iron from your meals, season them with parsley – that way you’ll enjoy a more refined taste from everyday fishes while also getting your daily supply of iron and preventing anemia.

4. Digestion

You may know a few things about the importance of including fresh parsley leaves into your diet, but what about parsley tea? Turns out that tea made from dried parsley can help with a variety of problems linked with your digestive system, including diarrhea and other unpleasant conditions. Moreover, the high fiber content in parsley is exactly what your digestion needs to function properly.

5. Weight loss

Another one of the many parsley tea benefits is using parsley for weight loss. The best way to include parsley tea into your diet is to drink it at the early stages of your diet at least once a day. Parsley leaves are known for their diuretic properties, which means that during the first few days or weeks of your diet parsley tea will help you get rid of excess water in your body, boosting your weight loss process and self-confidence.

6. Healthy bones

Older people suffer from fragile bones and loss of calcium from the body, but even young individuals can experience those symptoms too. A balanced diet rich in dairy, fish, and eggs can help you rebuild the calcium content, but don’t forget about the parsley health benefits – this plant contains vitamin K, essential for improving bone density and preventing fractures.

7. Fresh breath

There are dozens of causes of bad breath – smoking, cavities, digestion issues – but there are not too many effective solutions against this problem. Chewing a couple of parsley leaves or taking advantage of the benefits of parsley juice will eliminate the bacteria in your mouth that causes the odor and solve the issue in the most natural way.

8. Immunity

We’re nearing the cold season, which means no one is safe from the flu and other respiratory infections, especially if your immunity isn’t too strong. Luckily, drinking parsley juice every day will give you high levels of vitamin C, boosting your immunity and ensuring protection against various infections. You can also add parsley to your vitamin smoothies to improve your health even more.

9. Side effects of parsley

Knowing everything about parsley benefits and side effects will help you make smarter decisions regarding your health. Here are some must-know side effects of parsley:

  • Two components contained in parsley, myristicin, and apiol, are known to cause uterine bleeding, which is why pregnant women should limit their intake of parsley.
  • Essential parsley oil is not the same as fresh parsley, parsley juice or parsley tea and shouldn’t be taken without an advice from a doctor.
  • The diuretic properties of parsley can lead to dehydration when exceeded the recommended dosage.

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