Tecno Phantom 8 Versus Samsung S8! Check Out Our Comparism!

In recent years, Samsung smartphones have joined the list of the most awaited devices. However, competitors do not give up and are also trying to impress choosy users with innovative gadgets. This time, Tecno Phantom 8 is in the spotlight. Which of the two newcomers is better? Let’s try to figure out.


Tecno Phantom 8 attracts with its sleek design and lightweight construction. It is acknowledged the most good-looking device of all Tecno models designed so far. The full metal body has been associated with Samsung devices for years, and it was a pleasant surprise for users. 2.5D curved edge display is almost the same size as S8’s – 5.7”, and it does not feel massive. One of the best design features of the new model is slimness: it is only 7.9mm thick. Back cover is smooth and glossy, but also likely to retain fingerprints. Keeping the surface neat and shiny will require some effort. Three color options are available – Champagne Gold, Phantom Black, and Galaxy Blue.

Tecno Phantom 8

New Samsung Galaxy S8 continues the traditions of the preceding models – Galaxy S7 edge and Note 7. Instead of using traditional massive frames, designers came up with the idea of “endless display” – the illusion that frame is absent at all. 5.8” curved display occupies approximately 85% of the surface, creating the impression that a user holds a display only. Curved edges and borders complete the style. Thus, there is no room for Samsung logo on the front panel, but the device is recognizable without it. The back panel is not so extraordinary – also symmetric and minimalistic. The materials used are Gorilla Glass 5 and aluminum frame. Altogether, it reminds a complete piece of glass. However, it makes the device fingerprint magnet and quite fragile.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Performance and Memory

The latest MediaTek’s System-on-Chip and Helion 25 Processor provide advanced power saving and multimedia capability features. The processor was designed with a focus on photo features, so it is the ultimate choice for Phantom 8. Cortex-A53 processor runs on 2.5 GHz speed. 64GB of storage has become a standard feature for the newest flagman smartphones, but 6GB RAM is certainly impressive. Moreover, heavy users are free to use storage expansion options: microSD card up to (get ready) 2 Terabytes!

10-nanometer processor Samsung Exynos 8895 and 4 energy effective ARM Cortex A53 cores working at 1.7 GHz frequency are Samsung’s original developments. The new graphics accelerator is four times faster than in previous models. 4GB of CPU and 64GB of internal storage provide enough room for favorite content and multifunctional use.


Phantom 8 has a 1920x1080dpi resolution is a good choice for 5.7” screen. Full HD touchscreen guarantees crystal clear display output regardless of content. In addition to the high-quality image, users get the high level of protection from cracks and scratches. Corning Gorilla Glass will save the device in case of accidental falls on a rocky surface.

Tecno Phantom 8

Samsung S8‘s Super AMOLED display with 2960×1440dpi resolution is not the standard solution. It becomes less wide but longer than before. Nevertheless, it is still easy to operate the device with one hand. Interestingly, Samsung managed to place the bigger screen into a smaller frame without any interface modifications. Good color rendering and viewing angle guarantee ultimate user experience. The device is enabled with Always on Display function, which shows the date, time, and other information you choose.

Samsung Galaxy S8



Phantom 8, undoubtedly, wins when it comes to the battery life: robust 4000 mAh allows using the device for a longer time. The other pleasant news is fast charging, not so typical for massive batteries.

After the problems with Note 7, Samsung had to change the approach to the battery. Firstly, they took testing more seriously. Secondly, they stopped trying to accommodate the battery of high capacity into a compact frame. The time of 3000 mAh battery functioning depends on the set resolution. In average, the device works 1.5 days.

Samsung Galaxy S8


Tecno Phantom 8 features rather familiar (if not completely traditional) interface for Android users, while Samsung keeps experimenting. Android 7.0 OS with the slightly modified interface was named Samsung Experience. The logic remains the same, but designers add a new vision to icons and system notifications. The interface has become more visually appealing and more pleasant to use. The animation works smoothly. Personalization features allow adjusting browser, email, and multimedia apps according to one’s preferences. Thus, applications are not duplicated by default solutions you do not use. There is no separate button for menu access – a single scroll up or down replaces it.

Samsung Galaxy S8


Both devices are equipped with quite loudspeakers. Listening to music and playing multimedia content is possible even in the noisy environment. Headphones are included in the kit. Equalizer and Adapt Sound function suggest personalizing the sound and adjusting it to the particular environment.

Tecno Phantom 8

Galaxy S8 has a speaker equipped with water protection membrane. Also, the default headphones are on the list of the most interesting accessories, which come in the standard kit. These are probably the best headphones that come with a device, which separately will cost around $100. The new wireless standard allows connecting two pairs of headphones simultaneously.


Crisp picture quality is only one of the things users like about Phantom 8 features. The device features dual back camera setup – 12MP and 13MP, one of which is utilized as the main camera, and the other as the optical zoom camera. But what is more interesting, Phantom 8 is the first device that completely changes the accents. Due to the growing popularity of social media platforms, the front camera becomes more frequently used. This device features the 20MP camera with smart dual soft selfie flash.

Tecno Phantom 8 Tecno Phantom 8

Rear 12MP camera with the f/1.7 diaphragm, optic, and digital stabilization, and the six-lens system presented by Samsung Galaxy S8 can compete even with professional cameras. New module revision and new processing algorithms improved the overall quality of the photos, operating speed, and a detalization in low-light conditions. Moreover, it is possible to save pictures in JPEG and RAW simultaneously. One more interesting feature is new zoom solution: now, zoom is controlled by sliding shutter button up or down. The 8mp front camera supports the HDR format, display flash in low-light conditions, and combining several features in one for better viewing angle.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy S8

Interesting features

Besides a dual camera, Phantom 8 features the fingerprint sensor, and this time designers arrange everything handy to provide enough room for a camera, LED flash, and sensor, without forgetting to place TECNO label as well. Astonishing camera and memory are the highlights of Phantom 8 that win hearts.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 review, however, will not be complete without mentioning several more features. Firstly, the model presents some of the innovative unlocking options: users can unlock their phones with a fingerprint, face or iris recognition, which provide a different level of protection. For instance, face scanner can be tricked by a person’s portrait image. The fingerprint scanner is located next to the camera. It is quite a questionable decision, as both scanner and camera are flat, and it takes several days to get used and start pressing on the right spot. Secondly, there is new virtual assistant – Bixby. It is based on Vivi platform, which was designed by the developers of famous Siri and integrated with more than 50 programs. Bixby is capable of analyzing the frequency of use of different programs and adding functional widgets on the control panel for user’s convenience.


This is probably what makes Samsung Galaxy S8 price more than twice higher: the new Samsung’s device will cost between 282,000 and 320,000 NGN depending on your location, compared to 124,000-135,000 NGN for Phantom 8.