Toyin Aimakhu Fashion Styles You Will Love

Toyin Aimakhu has a lot to be proud of: in addition to having a brilliant acting career, she has also succeeded in producing and directing films, as well as family life.Toyin Aimakhu style also gets wide praise: the actress knows exactly what to wear to any occasion to make the best impression. Check out the best and most recent Toyin Aimakhu fashion styles.

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1. Toyin Aimakhu Ankara styles and lace styles

As a big fan of the traditional Nigerian fabrics in fashion, Toyin cannot imagine her wardrobe without plenty of Ankara and lace. Toyin Aimakhu lace styles and Ankara styles can be seen both in everyday wear and on special occasions.

The adorable pattern is a part of this outfit’s appeal, but what makes the dress truly special is the frill detailing on the bottom of the skirt combined with Toyin’s bold hairstyle.

Toyin Aimakhu knows that the best way to create a memorable outfit is to pair two popular fabrics like lace and Ankara. That is why this outfit works so well and would look stunning on anyone!

Blue and yellow Ankara patterns have been very popular with Nigerian fashionistas for a few seasons now, which is why Toyin’s choice of colours for her peplum Ankara top hardly surprised anyone.

The next lace outfit is uncommonly mature for Toyin, who prefers to look younger thanks to her effortless style, but the purple and white lace gown works flawlessly for the actress.

At first glance this Ankara look seems pretty straightforward, but then you see how much work really went into it – the outfit is colour coordinated to perfection, and the accessories couldn’t be better for it.

2. Toyin Aimakhu Aso Ebi styles

Toyin Aimakhu simply loves Aso Ebi and tries to wear it whenever possible – at weddings, photoshoots, and even for Instagram posts.

What do you get when you combine traditional Aso Ebi style with a fairytale princess dress? The answer is this adorable baby pink gown with gorgeous detailing.

When Toyin is in a mood for a change, she chooses a short and unusual Aso Ebi instead of a classic style, and fans especially loved this fuchsia and blue outfit.

We all know that colour coordination is one of the signs of a couple that is truly in love. That is why for her wedding anniversary photoshoot Toyin Aimakhu and her husband wore matching outfits, and Toyin’s blue velvet dress couldn’t fit her personal style better.

3. Toyin Aimakhu casual styles

Even though Toyin puts a lot of effort into her style for official events, her casual looks also never disappoint!

One of Toyin’s recent casual outfits looks like it was taken straight out of a fashion magazine shoot: the colour and shape of the outfit, as well as the accessories, are what makes this look so elegant.

It’s important to stay comfortable while travelling; that is why on her recent trip to London Toyin wore the ultimate travel outfit – a pair of cosy jeans, sneakers, and a comfortable yet chic blouse.

How to make a trendy shirt dress look even more fashionable? According to Toyin, all you need is a pair of beautiful heels in a contrasting shade to elevate the whole look!

There is no pattern that is as timeless and elegant as stripes, and when there is a dozen of colours used in a striped skirt, it’s destined to become a fun and memorable outfit.

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