Aso Ebi Short Gown Styles: Best Of 2017

While Nigerian ladies love their long Aso Ebi dresses, they are also big fans of short African dresses. Aso Ebi short dress styles are a perfect choice of an outfit to any occasion where you want to look your best. Check out the cutest short Aso Ebi dresses and pick your new favourite style!

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1. Black Ankara dress with a lace back

If you want to make an impression with your Aso Ebi short gown, go for a dress with a fun twist – for example, pair black patterned Ankara fabric with a coral lace back. That way everyone will love your gown when you enter the room and find it even better when you turn around!

2. Romantic Aso Ebi

Right now there are plenty of romantic Aso Ebi short dinner  gown styles to choose from if you’re going to a fairytale wedding or a date. In this pink Aso Ebi dress with long sleeves and a flared skirt you won’t even have any competition for the best dressed lady!

3. Open-back Aso Ebi

Another way to stun everyone with your Aso Ebi fashion style is to pick a perfectly demure gown with one revealing detail. This year the open back cut of the dresses has been especially popular, and it’s only going to get bigger next year!

4. Blue lace Aso Ebi

As always, Aso Ebi short lace dresses have been very popular in this year’s women’s fashion. The combination of the adorable blue colour, delicate lace, and romantic shape of this dress makes it worthy of a fairytale princess and will make you feel truly special.

5. Yellow dress with cutouts

If you want to go for an edgier style when choosing between Aso Ebi short dresses, you should definitely consider a colour combination for aso ebi with geometric cutouts. The peplum detailing and the fabulous accessories take this look to the next level of fashion.

6. Silver lace Aso Ebi

The latest Aso Ebi gown trend of the year is the gorgeous see-through lace with a different-coloured underdress, which is perfectly demonstrated by this dress. The open back cut of the dress is another thing that makes it a work of art.

7. Two-tone Aso Ebi

A colour-blocking technique is a sure-fire way to make any Aso Ebi Bella short gown truly shine. The pairing of aqua and turquoise shades is a bold combination, but it certainly works in this beautiful outfit.

8. Cape Aso Ebi gown

The latest Aso Ebi fashion has been all about daring choices that definitely pay off – for example, this amazing cape dress with open shoulders could be easily seen on any red carpet, rocked by a famous actress.

9. Asymmetric lace Aso Ebi

As always, coral shades are very popular among Nigerian fashionistas, which means you can’t go wrong with choosing this colour for your next Aso Ebi. The asymmetric skirt and the adorable belt are two of our favourite elements of the look.

10. Peach bridesmaid gowns

If you have a whole team of bridesmaids to dress for your wedding, peach is one of the colours you should definitely consider. It’s appropriate for a wedding, it looks great with dark complexion, and it can be used in so many Aso Ebi gowns.

11. Peplum short Aso Ebi

One of the best Aso Ebi designs for any body type is, of course, the peplum. Pair it with a lovely orange colour and glamorous shoes and you’ll have an ideal outfit for a special occasion.

12. Burgundy short flared Aso Ebi

If you have a winter wedding to attend soon, we recommend getting a burgundy-coloured Aso Ebi. It’s a regal colour that can fit any occasion when paired with the right accessories.

13. Hot pink short dress

When you feel like going for some princess chic, the hot pink colour should be one of your top choices. There are so many elements to this look, and together they work to create a gorgeous outfit.

14. Blue bodycon Aso Ebi

This gown length can be tricky to pull off, but it’s a great choice of an Aso Ebi outfit when you’re determined to make a lasting impression on anyone you see.


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