How To Bead Gele: The Complete Tutorial

Gele is an essential part of any outfit for a special occasion: at a wedding or other important event, you will see dozens of women rocking every kind of gele imaginable. A beaded gele is lately becoming especially popular.

Beading gele gives you, even more, opportunities for expressing your style and taste. Learn how to design gele with beads and find your favorite beaded gele design right now!

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1. What you’ll need for a beaded Aso Oke gele

Ready to find out how to bead Aso Oke? First, let’s see which tools and items you’ll need for your first beading experience! Have the following products on hand for creating Nigerian beads styles:

  • Gele fabric of your choice
  • Rhinestones stickers
  • Glue
  • Pearls
  • Iron

If you’ve purchased rhinestones and pearls without stickers, you’ll also need a needle with matching threads, although keep in mind that attaching beads to the gele one by one with a needle will take you much longer than doing it with an iron.

2. How to put beads on Aso Oke gele

Here are the full tutorial on how to embellish Aso Oke gele: get creative and follow these steps!

  1. Before you start attaching the beads, you should have a picture of your desired gele design in mind. Put the fabric in front of you and create an image in your head of what the finished gele should look like.
  2. When it comes to learning how to make beaded gele, the key to success is the speed. It’s important to work quickly, which is why you should have all tools at hand.
  3. Read the instructions on the rhinestone package to find out how to attach them to an iron. Set the required temperature of the iron and attach the beads one by one or in groups. If you’re not sure whether the iron will attach the beads firmly enough, you can secure them with a bit of glue.
  4. Now it’s time to work with the pearls. This process can be trickier since the pearls need to be attached with glue. Be careful not to put too much glue so that it doesn’t stick from under the pearl.  Follow your design precisely and you’ll end up with a beautiful-looking gele.
  5. Rhinestone stickers and pearls are not the only things you can put on your gele – there are many alternative ways on how to bead gele. You can add embroidery, sew colorful beads, and do anything you like with your gele!

3. Beaded gele styles

Need some inspiration for working on your new gele? Here are some of the prettiest latest gele styles from Nigerian beauties!

For a more dramatic take on the traditional Nigerian gele you can go for the rich navy shade with contrasting pastel beads and rhinestones.

Here is an example of how to use unusual decorations for your gele: instead of pearls and beads, you can go for glamorous golden sequins!

Peach is a very popular color at Nigerian weddings, which is why you can never go wrong with picking a peach-colored gele with classic pearls.

Sometimes less is more, as proven by this minimalistic burgundy gele with a small quantity of strategically placed silver beads.

When the occasion is truly special, you can go for a much more elaborate design – like this purple gele with a very intricate and multi-color beaded design.

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