Benefits Of Guava Leaves For Your Health And Body

All of us have heard a lot about guava benefits, but most of the time it’s said about guava fruit, not guava leaves. However, there are many uses of guava leaves that can make you healthier and more beautiful. Find out everything about the guava leaves benefits and side effects right now!

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1. Weight loss

Can you imagine your dream body is only a few cups of guava leaf tea away? With guava leaf tea weight loss is easier than ever: guava leaves are very effective at boosting your metabolism. One of the best tips to use guava for weight loss is to drink it at the start of your fitness journey: that way it will kickstart the weight loss process and give you the confidence you need to continue.

How to prepare guava leaves for weight loss? You can do it with fresh leaves or dried leaves that you can even find as prepackaged tea for weight loss. Steep the leaves in hot water – when the tea reaches deep green colour, you know it’s ready.

2. Fertility and pregnancy

Numerous researches show the many benefits of guava leaves for fertility. First of all, it increases the sperm count in men, promoting the chance of having a baby in case the man is the one that has trouble conceiving.

There are also many guava benefits for pregnancy. Perhaps, the most essential one is the high content of folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, in guava leaves. A sufficient intake of folic acid can prevent various birth defects and help the development of a healthy baby, especially its nervous system.

3. Heart health

Cardiovascular diseases can be effectively prevented with the help of guava health benefits. Studies have shown that guava leaf tea is able to lower blood pressure and heart rate, ensuring a healthy cardiovascular system. Some researches show that guava leaves can also lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.

4. Gastrointestinal health

Adults suffer from dozens of gastrointestinal conditions, from diarrhea to constipation. This is where you can take advantage of one of the most helpful health benefits of guava fruit – its ability to alleviate these conditions and even help treat stomach ulcer as an additional aid paired with traditional medicine.

5. Inflammations

Inflammations can happen in every part of the human body, and guava leaf tea is one of the best solutions against this condition. Guava is especially helpful in treatment of sore throat, bronchitis, and dental diseases – to get the most out of these benefits, make sure to keep guava tea in your mouth for a moment before swallowing or use it for gurgling.

6. Healthy skin

Surprisingly enough, there are also plenty of benefits of guava leaves for skin. One of the most popular ways to use guava leaves for skin is to apply crushed guava leaves to acne-prone skin: the high content of vitamin C can bring significant improvements to the condition of your skin.

Guava leaves are also one of the best known natural skin lightening agents. The use of guava leaves for skin whitening can reduce pigmentation and gradually remove dark spots, leaving you with healthy and glowing skin, just like you’ve always wanted.

7. Healthy hair

In additions to the many ways of using guava leaf tea for improving your health, there are also multiple guava leaves benefits for hair. Many ladies love using guava leaves for hair growth – guava leaves can reduce hair loss and promote the growth of new hairs. How to use guava leaves for hair growth? Simply crush a handful of leaves, mix them with a few drops of water, and apply to the scalp, leaving for up to an hour.

Another way to take advantage of guava leaves and hair growth is to drink guava tea regularly. According to any guava leaves for hair growth review, guava leaf tea promotes blood circulation around the body, including the scalp, and improves the growth of new hairs. This is how to use guava leaves for hair.

8. Guava leaf tea side effects

Now that you know how to make guava leaf tea and use it for your health and beauty, you’re probably wondering whether there are any side effects to this remedy. The good news is that there are no known side effects of guava leaf tea, which means you can drink as much of it as you’d like. However, pregnant and nursing women should take guava leaves with caution.

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