How to Cut a Bustier Blouse (step-by-step instruction)

Bustier tops are the choice of girls, who prefer clothes that fit tightly to the body shape. A bustier blouse is perfect for creating modern attractive images for parties, dates, and different kinds of informal occasions.

There are different variations of bustier pattern and samples. If you consider making a bustier on your own, remember that every seam and detail should be carefully designed. Let’s find out how to cut and sew a bustier blouse.

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How to cut bustier blouse: step by step

how to cut and sew bustier blouse

1 – Prepare the materials: several meters of fabric, the same amount of broadcloth for lining, a zipper, boning, sewing supplies, needle punch batting, buttons (optional, for removable straps).

2 – If you want to be all-independent, you can find out how to make a bustier pattern on your own, or you can simply use the one we found and already tried out.

how to cut and sew bustier blouse

3 – Cut the main piece of the patterned line. Then cut the smaller pieces to get four details.

4 – Fold the fabric in two, place the pattern pieces, then pin them. Make sure you accommodated all details in a right way, and fold line on the main pattern is in its place. If you use Ankara, you may want to cut this detail first and place the rest in a way that will help to make a pattern consistent.

5 – Outline the pattern and ad 1-1.5 cm on each side for seam allowance.

6 – Cut the details. You should end up with six details for cups (three for each) and seven pieces of the main bodice (separate pieces marked as 2, 3, 4, and folded 1).

how to cut and sew bustier blouse

7 – Repeat the same steps for the lining fabric.

8 – Punch batting and the pattern details for your bra cup without adding seam allowance.

9 – Cut out the straps. Use the remaining Ankara and choose the preferable length and width. Later you will be able to adjust it.

These steps show how to cut bustier blouse with Ankara as well as other fabrics. Now you know how to cut Nigerian bustier blouse and have the details, so let’s move to the next phase – sewing.

How to sew a bustier blouse: step by step

1 – Sew the pieces of the bodice together. It will be more comfortable to start from the center.

2 – Sew the pieces of cups together.

3 – Attach all pieces together. The top pieces should slightly overlap the bodice line.

4 – Make sure everything is in its place and sew the cups and bodice together.

how to cut and sew bustier blouse

5 – Cover the top halves of cups with the overlapping pieces of fabric and sew along the top.

6 – Attach a zipper on the back.

7 – Repeat the same steps for lining material.

8 – Sew everything together.

how to cut and sew bustier blouse

9 – Attach the boning in the proper places. If you are not certain, where it should go, try the bustier on before you attach them.

10 – Sew the bottom line.

11 – Sew the zipper.

how to cut and sew bustier blouse

12 – Attach the straps. You may use buttons and make them removable.

Your bustier top is ready!

how to cut and sew bustier blouse

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How to make a bustier dress

The bustier top is easily transformable into a dress. Actually, bustier blouse will look good with a skirt worn separately. If you want to have a single piece, just decide, which type of skirt you want to have – pencil, flare, or maybe some other kind you prefer.

To turn your top into a dress, you may look for a guideline how to cut a bustier dress or find a skirt pattern, follow the steps for sewing, and attach it to the top you already have. if you choose the second option, make it easier by finding a high-waist design. After the skirt is ready, take measures for a medium part, which will help to join both parts into a dress.

For a bustier dress, you can choose the fabric with the same pattern or different contrasting colors.

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How to cut a bustier dress

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