Dreadlocks Styles For Men And Women

Dreadlocks are possibly the most versatile and universal hairstyles for men and women. This style originated in the ancient years and dread meaning varies from nation to nation.

There are many ways to create dread braids – to get the perfect dreadlocks hairstyles you can try backcombing, crocheting, braiding, and rolling. The choice of dreadlocks styles in Nigeria is nearly endless. Check out the best dread styles for women and men!

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1. Dreadlock styles for men

Guys love wearing their hair in dreadlock braids – it’s a low maintenance way to keep your hair neat that can be arranged in so many dread hairstyles.

1.  Free-form dreadlocks

One of the most popular kinds of dreadlock styles for short hair today is free-form dreadlocks: you just let your braids form naturally. This style is also known as neglect dreadlocks.

2. High-top dreadlocks

The next short dreadlocks style requires a bit more work to keep it neat. To create this hairstyle, you need to taper the sides and back of your head while keeping the dreadlocks short.

3. Braid ponytail

You can wear your long dreadlocks loose, but sometimes you want to try something different, and this is where braid ponytail dreadlocks styles can come in handy. These latest dreadlocks styles can be worn on any occasion.

4. Dreadlock updo

If you work in a place where wild dreadlocks styles 2016 are frowned upon, the next hairstyle is for you. By arranging your dreadlocks in a clean updo you can achieve a professional and polished look in no time.

5. Ombre dreadlocks

If you’re looking for a way to make your mid-length or short dreadlock styles look fresh, try dyeing the locks to give them a trendy ombre effect and help you stand out from other guys with dreadlocks.

6. Mohawk dreadlocks

One of the short dread styles for guys that is starting to gain popularity is mohawk dreadlocks. This bold hairstyle also works for long dreads, but it’s much easier to manage when the locks are short.

7. Curly dreadlocks

If your hair is naturally curly, one of the perfectly easy dreadlock styles to try is getting thin dreadlocks and just letting them hang freely.

2. Dread styles for women

Long and short dread styles for females compete with braids for the most beloved hairstyle, and for many ladies dreadlocks are winning.

1. Dreadlock bun

If you’re looking for the neatest version of different types of dreads pictures, a cute dreadlock bun is definitely the one hairstyle you should check out.

2. Bantu knots

Combine your love for two authentic hairstyles by wearing your dreadlocks in Bantu knots. If you have short dreads, you can add the needed length with the help of synthetic dreadlocks in Nigeria.

3. Mohawk dreadlocks

There are plenty of natural dreadlocks styles for special occasions, so when you’re getting ready for a wedding or other event, try styling your dreadlocks into a fashionable faux-mohawk look.

4. Side-swept low bun

Surprisingly for many women, different hairstyles for dreads nearly exactly match the variety of styles for natural hair. If you’ve always wanted to try this fashionable look and you already have braids, there’s nothing stopping you!

5. Short dreadlocks

When it comes to dreadlocks, short hair doesn’t mean your choices of a beautiful style are limited. One of the best and easiest dread styles for short dreads is a cute dreadlock bob that hardly needs any styling at all.

6. Half-ponytail

To add some variety to your everyday styling of long dreadlocks, try arranging the locks into a half-ponytail and letting the rest of the braids hang loosely. Decorate the dreadlocks with beads for an extra glamorous look.

7. Headwrap dreadlocks

When you’re looking for the perfect accessory for your outfit, a great choice for you can be a colourful and elegant headscarf that you can successfully wear with dreadlocks.

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