How to Dress Up For a Job Interview

An opportunity to leave a positive first impression always leaves a job seeker with a question, “What to wear to a job interview for a women?” An interview is not simply a conversation with an employer – it is a unique chance to represent yourself. If you use interview dress code do’s and don’ts to the fullest, your chances to get a dream job increase considerably. That’s why you need to work out the kinks. A correctly written CV is the first step. The second is your look. We have already told how to be a classy lady. Now, get ready to find out how to dress for an interview to get the job.

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Interview dress code: basic tips

Stick to serious and minimalistic. The way to an employer’s heart is still through the business suit. The majority of managers describe perfect candidates wearing official interview outfits: a suit (trousers and a jacket) of neutral colors and a shirt. Closed footwear on a low heel will match perfectly and help to look serious. When picking accessories – a bag, a watch, a notebook, a pen, etc. – remember that minimalism is much better than abundance.

interview outfits

Classics as the first option. Business suit is not the only option, but the look should be understated. The most important thing is to remember that you are seeking a job, not entertainment. An interview dress should not distract the others form work or cause a desire to discuss you. The best dress for interview is something simple and with flair. In certain occasions, well-ironed pants, clean shirt, and a suit of pale color can be a fair alternative for a business suit. Women can go with an understated slim-waisted dress.

interview outfits

Neatness comes first. The majority of interviewers consider neat and tidy look the key element. Best interview outfits are not expensive, they are tidy. Consequently, ripped jeans, too neck and cleavage, peeled off nail polish, and dirty shoes are unacceptable, as well as intense fragrance.

Everything should match. Trying to decide how to dress for an interview, both female and male candidates should dress up in correspondence with the job position. You can find out the requirements to the employee’s look in the company when you start to think what to wear to an interview. The answer to “How to dress properly?” can vary and have some exceptions. For instance, if you are a designer looking for a job in an advertising agency, wearing a business suit would be not appropriate. Journalists, photographers, PR-managers can afford less formal look. Otherwise, they risk looking a black sheep.

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Elegant, comfortable, fashionable. Nevertheless, there are less conservative employers. They believe that it is more important for a candidate to feel comfortable in a chosen outfit. Some prefer casual interview attire, and some like the candidates aware of fashion tendencies.

What to wear for an interview (female)

Correct female interview dress code depends on the company, which invites a candidate. Female dress code for interview can be conventionally divided into three types. To pick the best female outfit for job interview, identify, to which type the company you’ve chosen belongs.

Casual style

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In this type of companies, formal dress for interview is not the key to success. Dress code is informal – jeans, sweaters, T-shirts, and everything casual. As a rule, the employees are creative people, so their talents and skills matter more. By the way, dressing up is one of the ways to express their individuality.


Strict business style

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This is a completely opposite case, and choosing formal clothes for interview in such type of company is the most difficult task. The situation predisposes wearing a skirt with a jacket / a cardigan or a laconic-cut dress. Skirts of over-knee length are not appropriate. Preferred colors are black and white. Smart casual suits of pastel and neutral colors are also appropriate. In some companies, contrasting colors are allowed: for instance, black, grey, or beige skirt and red-wine or navy blue jacket. Chiffon top styles are also appropriate.


Classic style

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In this case, you do not have many options: business suit and strict shirt. To avoid too dull look, pick some stylish accessories. The strict business suit is also the best option for candidates, who are not aware of the dress code in a chosen company.  

What you should not wear

“Can i wear a dress to an interview?” is surprisingly complicated question; it depends. Check out office gowns for ladies to find interesting ideas and learn what is appropriate.

Here is the list of what you should not wear:

  • Jackboots
  • Singlet
  • Pinafore
  • Revealing dress
  • Too many accessories
  • Ripped jeans
  • Shorts
  • Gauzy clothes
  • Too bright clothes
  • Teenage-style clothes
  • Clothes revealing underwear
  • Skinny jeans

Employers admit that first 30 seconds play a critical role, despite the belief that a CV speaks louder than a suit. Your clothes is the first thing an employer is going to see. Your conversationalist does not know you in person, and your appearance, willingly or unwillingly, is the first thing they will evaluate.

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Dress codes and professions

Every case is individual and has certain nuances. Try several outfits on and try to figure out, what an employer expects to see. To make it easier, we prepared some ideas for the most common professions.

Creative job position

Examples: a writer, an editor, a photographer, a graphic designer, an art director etc.

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A common mistake is too strong desire to show the individuality. Not all employers are looking for a personality displayed through an outfit.

You don’t have to wear a suit, but it is always better to make a “conservative mistake”.

  • Do not choose the brightest colors.
  • Be a “convenient” conversationalist: test how people react to your appearance.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes with a heel not higher than 8 cm.
  • Jeans should be black or dark.
  • Use minimum accessories.

Corporate (client-oriented) job

Examples: a lawyer, a real estate agent, a PR/marketing/sales/advertising specialist, etc.

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  • Start with neat hairstyle, minimum makeup, no perfume, tidy nails.
  • Wear a good jacket. You can pair it with simple shirt/blouse and dark jeans.
  • Tilt toward conservative colors.

Job position in Fashion industry

Examples: an editor of a fashion magazine, a stylist, a designer, etc.

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The main mistake of the candidates is striving to look extremely trendy and eye-catching. Still, the details of your image depend on the specific job position.

  • Pick simple clothes.
  • Make an accent on accessories – stylish shoes, a matching bag, and jewelry.
  • Pay attention to trends.
  • Your clothes should not distract attention from your personality.

Job position in Finances

Examples: jobs related to banking, consulting, accounting, insurance, analytics, etc.

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  • You can easily go conservative here.
  • Wear your dark two-piece suite.
  • Match it with light blouse/shirt and conservative accessories.
  • No tights with prints, no cutout shoes, no too high-heels or sleeveless tops.
  • Put a pair of “emergency” tights in your bag, in case you get a loose stitch.

Job position in Technologic field

Examples: an engineer, a coder, a UX/UI designer, content strategist, IT developer, etc.

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This field is believed to be the most democratic. Many startups grew up from students’ projects and ideas of young enthusiasts. The main fear of the candidates is to look too dressy among the squad.

  • Nevertheless, dress a bit better than an average worker of the company. Show that you came to impress an employer.
  • Remember that dressing too formal shows that you know nothing about IT industry. An interview may be perfect, but you will look a total stranger.
  • Jeans and simple top will be perfect. A sweater, a blazer, a denim or pleated shirt will be perfect.
  • Stylish accessories are welcome.

interview outfits

Job interview dress code balances between the personal taste and company’s requirements, and a proper outfit may be hard to find. Check out Jiji for office dresses and chiffon tops that will help to create the perfect interview outfit.