How to Dress Classy

Classy is not only about wearing stylish and sophisticated clothes. It is the entire philosophy of behavior. But all starts with clothes. Find out how to dress classy – it will help you to feel more confident and always look like a person from a magazine cover.

How to look classy

What is classy?

The word ‘classy’ is used so often that we do not pay much attention to its meaning. It may be difficult to explain what is classy, but you certainly know how classy look like stylish, elegant, light, dressy, timeless… To dress classy means to find your personal style – attractive and perfectly fitting.

How to look classy: the basics

Find your own style. It may sound too general, but finding a personal style is the first chapter in “How to be a classy lady” manual. For instance, you may like midi tube skirts, but it does not guarantee that it will look good on you. It is important to wear clothes that fit your body type, reflects your mood, and feels comfortable.

How to look classy

Choose classic fabrics. The materials like cotton, wool, linen, and silk have been used for centuries, successfully passing the test for quality and practicalness. The clothes made of the abovementioned fabrics will last for a long time if you take proper care.

Keep your clothes neat. Classy women never wear wrinkled clothes, clothes that need washing, that is of improper size etc. Do not forget to check labels for instructions about how to care about a particular item.

Neutral in the first place. Classy does not mean dull. However, classy usually sticks to monochromic and pastel palette: black, beige, cream, and navy blue are preferred compared to screamy colors. There is a place for red and yellow as well, but they should not be psychedelic.

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How to look classy

Pick clothes of the proper size. As we already mentioned, the fit is the key. It should not be too tight or oversized. These options may be okay for casual dressing, but custom-fit or perfectly tailored clothes are more likely to fit your body type. Do not hesitate to visit a tailor if you feel like your clothes can fit better.

No overexposing. Classy style does not include miniskirts, crop tops, or low décolletages; cleavage and belly button should be covered, as well as underwear.

Moderate accessories. Jewelry is one of the key elements of dressing classy, but do not go overboard with it: small earrings, silver or gold bangles, pearls or long pendants, delicate rings, monochromatic scarves.

How to look classy

Details before quantity. Devil is in the details: accessories, color coordination, neat look and so on. The quality of clothes is much more important than the quantity; the details are a better option for variety than the abundance.

Don’t try to be too perfect. To look elegant, you should look natural. If the look is too refined, then it has nothing to do with classy.

Build timeless closet. Fashion comes and goes, and style is what matters. If you pick universal clothes, which are appropriate regardless of trends.

How to dress classy: colors

How to dress classy

Black is always classic because it helps to look fit and slim. It is the elegant choice both for everyday and special occasions.

Navy Blue sweaters, trousers, dresses, and shirts are great to combine with other colors from the palette.

Red is the first option when it comes to lipstick, but red in clothing adds your image certain elegance.

Grey is more causal for classy style. If you want to look simple and elegant, this is your option.

Beige/creamy/powder shades, especially in dresses and shoes, create a doll-like image – elegant, romantic, and sophisticated.

Silver/gold goes only in combination with some of the abovementioned colors. The bright in classy look should be worn wisely.

Must-have pieces in your wardrobe

How to look classy

When looking for an answer to how to dress classy and elegant, you should check whether you have the necessary basics in your wardrobe. We do not say that classy look is about several models of clothing only, but there are some pieces you should necessarily own. Here is an approximate list of must-have clothes:

  • black dress pants
  • pinstriped black dress pants
  • short sleeved / ¾ length top with Lycra
  • tops with V-neck and round neck styles
  • black skirt
  • pencil skirt
  • dress shirt
  • skirt suit
  • midi dress
  • blazer (black, red, navy, or striped)
  • black heels
  • black pointed loafers
  • black lace-up flats
  • nude heels
  • burgundy bag
  • black sunglasses

Again, do not forget to pay attention to what is comfortable, what fits your body shape, and the fact that this list is only the example – you are free and welcome to expand it.

How to dress classy on a budget


Classy is often associated with various stereotypes, so let’s clarify the things. Yes, classy does look luxurious. No, you do not need to spend too much money.

You always have several options: to choose an expensive piece of clothing from famous brand or designer or to pick an alternative. In practice, a label makes clothing three times more expensive, although the difference is often absent.

So the answer to how to dress simple and classy is:

  • pick materials of good quality
  • invest in the basics don’t be afraid to shop in thrift stores
  • do not try to buy everything at one time
  • track sales and make discounts work for you

How to look classy and stylish: jewelry

How to look classy and stylish

To look classy, you should wear jewelry in a right way. Remember the following:

  • keep simple – it is the first rule of elegant
  • use jewelry to brighten everyday wear
  • contrast rule: the more sophisticated outfit is, the less jewelry is needed
  • it is better to have less jewelry, but jewelry with a story (family, traveling etc.)
  • pick a nice watch (or several)
  • do not over-accessorize – no need to wear more than one ring on each hand

How to be classy: makeup, hair, manicure

classy nails

This is also important for looking classy. The main rule, as always, is simple and neat.

  • Avoid metallic eyeshadows
  • Do not overdo blush and bronzer
  • Do not wear heavy foundation
  • Avoid heavy eyeliner
  • Choose neutral or red lipstick
  • No dirty fingernails!
  • Nails should be medium-length
  • French manicure, nude and light colors are preferred
  • Keep it natural!

Yes, there is a lot to process and remember. How about to check out classy dresses on Jiji and nail down the theory? Sound like a good idea and a good start for your classy look.

How to look classy