New Year Gift Ideas 2018

There is less than a week left until the whole world celebrates New Year, which means that if you haven’t picked New Year gifts for your loved ones, now is your best chance, as we present the list of perfect gifts for everyone in your life!

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1. New Year gift for wife or girlfriend

Surprise your sweetheart this New Year with a gift she definitely won’t forget!

1. Body care set

Giving skin care products or makeup for New Year may be tricky, but you can’t go wrong with picking a set consisting of various body care products: shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, perfumed body spray, and hand cream are only some of the great choices of a New Year gift for girlfriend.

2. Hobby kit

Does your sweetheart like drawing, knitting, stitching, sewing, exercising, or practicing nail art? You definitely know what your wife or girlfriend is passionate about, so use that knowledge to give her the best New Year present ever.

3. Makeup brushes

Whether your woman is a makeup pro or prefers to wear makeup only on special occasions, she’s definitely going to love a makeup brush kit as a gift – luckily, there are so many great brands to choose from!

4. Spice set

Most ladies truly love cooking, and you can help your partner enjoy it even more by presenting her with one of the cutest New Year gift ideas 2018 – a beautiful and functional set of spices in gorgeous jars.

5. Pajamas

Help your wife feel cozy at home by giving her a pajama set this New Year. Shopping for pajamas for a lady is much easier than buying clothes – you can effortlessly find the right size because of the loose fit.

2. New Year gift ideas for husband or boyfriend

Put your best effort into picking the right gift for the man in your life!

1. Shirt

Most men don’t enjoy shopping for new clothes, but they still want to look good, and that’s exactly what you can help your man do if you give him a new stylish shirt as a New Year present.

2. Smartphone

A great Happy New Year gift 2018 that is perfect for any guy is a brand new smartphone. Luckily, there are so many models this year to choose from, depending on your budget – there is the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Tecno Spark, Gionee S10 and Google Pixel 2.

3. Outdoor grill

If you live in a house, gifting your man with a grill for New Year will help him master cooking while spending time outdoors. Plus, an outdoor grill is great for spending time with your friends: they won’t resist a chance to come to your home and try some freshly grilled food.

4. Car accessory

One of the best New Year gifts for boyfriend that loves cars is a gift that is car-related. Your husband has likely mentioned what he would like his car to have: maybe it’s a navigation system, a dashboard camera, or a universal gadget charger.

5. Perfume

Not every man will admit it, but they also like to be pampered, and a bottle of perfume is what any guy would be happy to get a New Year gift. You can choose a fashionable scent from this year’s collections or go for some less famous fragrance that matches your man’s personality.

3. New Year gift ideas for friends

Don’t forget to prepare some thoughtful New Year presents for your closest friends!

1. Wireless earphones

Wireless earphones can be a great present for both men and women who love to take walks, do sports, or even cook and do house chores while listening to their favorite tunes.

2. Smartwatch

There is probably no one who wouldn’t be thrilled to get a smartwatch for New Year. There are both expensive options like Apple Watch and affordable yet very functional ones like Xiaomi Mi Band.

3. Bluetooth tracker

Do you have a friend that always loses their keys, wallet, and other stuff around the house? With a set of Bluetooth trackers, this problem will be gone forever!

4. Mug

A mug is an inexpensive but very useful gift that is the perfect present idea for anyone you love. Mugs with fun prints are an especially cute New Year gift!

5. Bluetooth speaker

With the help of a Bluetooth speaker given as a gift to your friend, you will not only help them listen to music wherever they are, but will also be able to enjoy your favorite songs every time you’re hanging out together.

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