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New Year 2018 is just around the corner, and you’re probably busy with preparations for the family festivities. However, there is one more important New Year tradition more and more people follow every year – making resolutions. Check out some of the best New Year resolution ideas and find out how Jiji can help you achieve what you want!

Make your dreams come true with the Jiji app

1. Lose weight and become fit

This is probably the favourite New Year resolution for most people. New Year 2018 is the perfect time to start getting in shape, but you may need some help with it. On Jiji you can find an endless variety of resources for achieving your dream body: personal trainers, weight loss supplements, healthy food products, gym clothes and shoes, sports equipment, and anything else to get you in shape!

2. Make more money

If your dream for New Year to become wealthier? Jiji can help you with that too! You can start by finding a higher paying job among thousands of offers on Jiji. Plus, you can use Jiji to advertise your services, or simply sell the stuff you no longer need to other Nigerians. There are so many undiscovered opportunities for getting richer with Jiji!

3. Start a new hobby

A popular New Year resolution is to make your free time more meaningful. If you’re no longer satisfied with wasting the valuable free time on the internet, now is a great time to take up a new hobby! Are you going to love painting, video games, knitting, sewing, crocheting, molding, photography, woodworking, or any other hobby? The most effective way to find out is to buy the supplies for your new hobby on Jiji and start learning!

4. Begin travelling

Whether you’ve never left your own town, explored parts of Nigeria, or have already travelled abroad, there is no such thing as too much travelling. Luckily, you can find all kinds of travel services on Jiji. Meet your new travel agent, get a visa, book a flight or a complete holiday package – the choice is all yours when you have Jiji!

5. Start a business

This year more and more Nigerians got their lucky start on Jiji when they finally launched their businesses, and in 2018 you can join them. Build your successful business using the numerous opportunities Jiji offers to Nigerian entrepreneurs. Find new customers, gain credibility by launching a Jiji business account, and achieve the level of financial and personal success you deserve!

6. Find your personal style

Do you feel like the way you dress could be improved? Would you like to change the way you look but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, because Jiji’s got your back! If your New Year resolution is to look better than ever, you can find new clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and even makeup to give you a fashionable look that works for you perfectly.

7. Adopt a pet

A popular New Year resolution for 2018 is finally adopting a pet you’ve always dreamed of. Have you wanted to take long walks with a dog of your favourite breed, spend quiet nights in with your cat, enjoy the lovely chirp of a bird or relax by watching the fish in a fish tank? Well, Jiji can make that dream come true too! Find thousands of pets from Nigeria’s most respectable breeders and become the pet owner like you’ve always wanted to!

Have a wonderful New Year 2018 with the Jiji app

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