Sales and Support Team Christmas Party

What is your brightest December memory? For Jiji Sales and Support Team, it is the Christmas party!

The Team works hard to handle users’ requests, to check suspicious activity, and to take good care of every customer’s comfort during online shopping, so it deserved Christmas to come early.

Saturday, December 2, Jiji Sales and Support Team spent on the Elegunshi Beach in Lekki, Lagos, at the party packed with comedy, riddles, jokes, dancing, and merriment.

A little escape from the busy office was a chance to learn more about each other and the world behind the office walls. The Team was united by white and blue dress code and ultimate fun.

December comes hand in hand with Christmas mood; the more you get, the more you will share with the others.

Jiji Sales and Support Team will have to ensure the best conditions for Christmas sales, which are approaching, and Jiji is ready to ensure fun and positive emotions to everyone included.

We are already charged with Christmas mood, how about you?