Samsung Galaxy Phones List (With Prices)

Samsung phones are the most popular Android phones on the market today. The main reason, which let the manufacturer become so widely popular, is the balance of Samsung phones prices and specifications.

Every Samsung’s new phone is ready to offer more innovative interface and specifications; it is a lesson learned from the previous models and corrected mistakes. What is also important, Samsung mobile prices don’t bite.

Although latest Samsung phones and their prices may be not the best budget-efficient option, there is a wide variety of Samsung phones and prices for every user. Thus, picking something appropriate will not be a difficult task.

Advantages of Samsung Galaxy Line

Galaxy line is represented by numerous models, from basic and entirely budget-friendly devices to flagman. Consequently, there are appropriate devices for any user, regardless of demands and budget.

Samsung phones

During the latest years, the brand has strengthened its positions on the market, becoming highly compatible with both new and newcoming brands. Such stability is a huge advantage and a positive argument for Samsung’s reputation.

The company introduces several new models or versions every year, which means that it keeps track on the latest technologies and current trends, and is ready to offer a user innovative solutions.

Even the cheapest models are distinctive with quite high performance and functions as for budget models. The comparison with the models of the same class and price category clearly shows that Samsung wins.

The brand is one of the most recognizable. Customers acknowledge Samsung as price-friendly and convenient to use in terms of design and interface.

Samsung Galaxy phones list with price in Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy J line

Samsung phones

This line model range is known as Samsung’s budget series. While J1 and the initial J3, J5, and J7 models are expected to offer basic features with standard 1GB RAM and 8GB storage in a plastic body, the latest versions that came out in 2017 demonstrated much-upgraded designs and specifications, including fingerprint unlocking function, supreme camera, metal body etc.

  • Samsung Galaxy J1 price from N20,450
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 price – from N35,000
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 price – from N35,000
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 price – from N40,000

Samsung Galaxh A line

Samsung phones

These smartphones were the first to gain a fully metallic body and advanced camera features. Though the first models came with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage, now Galaxy A phones can be easily referred to the flagman models. They also mark a new generation of Samsung phones design – square and slim.

  • Samsung Galaxy A3 price – from N30,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 price – from N35,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 price – from N55,000

Samsung Galaxy S line

Samsung phones

The first thing that comes to mind in relation to Galaxy S smartphones is curved edges and innovative design of S8. There are few users that remember what Galaxy S was like at the very beginning, but it doesn’t change the fact that Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S5 are among favorite Nigeria’s smartphones.  

  • Samsung Galaxy S2 price – from N15,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 price – from N20,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 price – from N25,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 price – from N30,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 price – from N55,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge price – from N58,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 price – from N60,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 edge price – from N70,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 price – from N170,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus price – from N190,000

Samsung Galaxy Note line

Samsung phones

Galaxy Note usually has a bigger display and are on the edge of smartphones and tablets. Not all users enjoy such a big screen, but those who do find Galaxy Note the best option.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 price – from N30,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 price – from N45,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 price – from N45,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 price – from N80,000

Samsung phones

Pay attention that this Samsung Galaxy phones list with prices is relevant at the moment. The mobile phones market is very dynamic, and Samsung Galaxy price list may be changing just at the moment, while you are reading this article. Nevertheless, if we are speaking about Samsung phones on Jiji, the prices are most likely to decrease.

Check out the phones on Jiji and make sure once again that budget Samsung Galaxy models are even more affordable here, and the newest models are represented by the fair selection, too. All you have to do is to find an attractive deal and contact a seller for details. With Jiji, buying a new phone takes a minimum of time and guarantees the most positive customer experience.