Tiwa Savage Ghana Weaving Hairstyles: It Suits Her Best!

Tiwa Savage hairstyles is something that attracts the attention of all the papparazi’s cameras. The hairstyles that this Nigerian pop star creates are quite challenging, but they look absolutely fantastic!

Lots of famous people in Nigeria are crazy about Ghana weaving styles and some of them even rock these braids! However, Tiwa Savage braids are not like anybody else’s and they are extremely beautiful!

Check out these Tiwa Savage hairstyles 2017– keep on reading to learn more!

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1. Tiwa Savage cornrow styles

This Nigerian hairstyle looks really gorgeous on virtually everybody. And it’s very versatile too: it can be worn naturally, lifted up to a bun or a ponytail and even embellished with various accessories.

The Ghana can be called in a number different ways:

  • Invisible cornrow;
  • Ghana cornrow;
  • Cherokee cornrow;
  • Pencil braids.
  • ghana weaving all back
  • big ghana weaving styles
  • all back braids

The process of making this hairstyle doesn’t remind any other hair-styling techniques. You basically have to add hair into each cornrow which might seem challenging. The skill to do the simple braiding is pre-requisite as well as knowing how to create braid cornrows without anybody’s help.

And when you are able to manage several cornrows at once, you can start practicing Ghana braids.

2. Tiwa Savage Ghana weaving hairstyles

This girl is definitely capable of rocking the Ghana braids perfectly. She looks totally fantastic wearing all these experimental styles that are different each time she goes out. Tiwa Savage natural hair doesn’t look as if she has spent a lot of time in the hairdresser’s. The star looks younger with the side parting and inspires everybody else try some of those hairstyles.

Simply check out this gorgeous styles! Anyone wearing a bun like that will look like a refined lady anywhere – from a wedding dinner to a business meeting. Don’t be afraid to experiment with styles and accessories and you’ll be able to look as charming as Tiwa with her long, black locks!

Latest ghana weaving hairstyles

3. Tiwa Savage blonde braids

Blonde-colored braids seem to be really trendy now!

Two extremely popular singers, Tiwa Savage and Beyonce were noticed wearing blond braids! Beyonce even accessorized with beads while Tiwa savage braided hair looked minimalistic. It looks like this style is going viral.

Ghana weaving styles in Nigeria

4. Tiwa Savage short hairstyle

Everybody has already become accustomed to Tiwa Savage hair styles – she normally rocks extremely long weaves, so it’s a nice change to admire her short pixie cut.

The celebrity who is getting married with Tunji “Tee Billz” Balogun in Dubai really soon has shared her fresh look on her Instagram account page. Halle Berry also got a new hairstyle- it is the short weaving but she didn’t shorten her natural hair.

Look at these pictures of freshly-styled Tiwa Savage hair.

5. Tiwa Savage all over braids

Nigerian celebrity Tiwa Savage has just demonstrated the world her pretty new hairstyle that makes her look younger. She proved once again that she can look beautiful wearing almost any hairstyle.

6. Tiwa Savage latest hairstyles that you have never seen!


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