Top 11 Christmas Gifts For Women In 2017

There’s only a couple of weeks left until the most anticipated holiday of the year, Christmas. Don’t waste any more time on looking for presents for the special ladies in your life – check out these gift ideas and do all of your holiday shopping on Jiji to save cash and buy from reliable Nigerian sellers.

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1. Fashion and style

Fashion is probably the first thing that jumps to your mind when you’re choosing a Christmas gift for her. Here are our top picks:

  • Sunglasses. Who would say no to a pair of new cool sunglasses that make any outfit look even more chic?

  • Handbag. Whether it’s a tiny beaded evening clutch or a huge messenger bag that is perfect for office, a handbag is always a welcome gift.

  • Bathrobe. When a woman wants to spend a quiet night in, watch her favorite TV show and have a drink, nothing is better than a cozy bathrobe.

  • Jewelry. If you’re absolutely lost in ideas of a Christmas present for your special lady, jewelry is always a good place to start.

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2. Beauty

You can never go wrong with picking one of the thousands of items from the beauty section as a holiday present for her, and here are our favorites:

  • Fragrance. It’s safe to say there are no women who are indifferent towards perfumes – to be completely safe, choose one of 2017’s bestselling fragrances.

  • Lipstick. Ladies can never have too much lipstick, which means a new one is more than welcome. We recommend going for the matte trend or a fashionable red lipstick.

  • Body lotion. A nicely smelling body lotion that moisturizes and nourishes the skin is one of the most popular presents this year.

  • Hair oil. Women always want their hair to look better, and a carefully selected bottle of hair oil makes a great Christmas gift.

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3. Home and garden

If the woman in your life is truly passionate about her home and cooking, pick your Christmas gift out of the variety of home and garden presents:

  • Sandwich maker. Within minutes your whole family can have a serving of delicious hot sandwiches with the help of a sandwich maker.

  • Sewing machine. For ladies who love DIY and fashion there is no better Christmas present than a modern and compact sewing machine.

  • Dishwashing machine. If the woman is the one doing most of the washing up, surprise her with a dishwashing machine that will do it all for her.

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